Friday, May 31, 2013

Rope Swing

We spent our last day of the lake relaxing as much as possible.  And by relaxing I mean us having as much fun and adventure as possible.  We had lunch at Tiki Hut and then found a good spot to swim for a little while.  After Hudson had another meltdown we decided to ride around so he could take a nap.  That's when we found the rope swings.  Robby gave it a try first and after watching from the boat Handley kept saying, "That really looks fun!"  I thought there was no way she could do it safely, but turns out there was a lower spot she could try from so as soon as she got the go-ahead she dove right in and swam over for her turn.  She loved it and Harper didn't want to be outdone so she decided to try, too.  They both took turns over and over again.  We finally pulled away from that spot, but the begged to go back next time we are at the lake.

Up next Handley decided that she was finally brave enough to give wake-boarding a try.  All week she had been talking about it doing it, but each time she decided she would rather stay safe and do it with Robby instead of trying by herself.  She was nervous, but really wanted to try, so Robby hopped in the water to float with her as she was trying to get up.  She really did great and was almost up after her first two tries.  She'll tell you she got up for 2 seconds before falling. Then the winds picked up and she said she was too cold, but we were so proud of her for trying.  I couldn't believe my ears when Harper piped up that she wanted to try after Handley.  She only gave it one shot before calling it done, but I have no doubt that both of those girls will be up before the end of the summer if they keep wanting to try.

Starting on Monday Hudson was super cranky and wanted to be held non-stop.  That only got worse on Tuesday and Wednesday and he was having so many meltdowns that I was about at the point of banging my head through a wall.   I made plans to leave first thing on Thursday morning so I could take him to the pediatrician's office before heading to the pool party for Avery's birthday that afternoon.   After a visit to the dr. it remains a mystery.  It's not his ears, not his molars coming in, no sore throat or any of the regular things that might cause little ones discomfort.  He did have an upset stomach for a few days this week so it could have just been a little virus. He seems to be over that part of it now, but he has been so clingy, needy, whiney, and unhappy that I still don't know what is up with him.  I'm not kidding when I say that he pretty much cried for 2 hours this morning.  All from separate instances, but he his having meltdowns over ever.single.thing.  He's also clinging to my leg and begging me to "HOLD YOU" as he likes to say.  I would love nothing more than to sit and hold him all day, but the reality is that I just cant.  I have two other children to feed, help dress, etc. and we had people coming to see the house this morning so I had to clean, put away laundry, make beds, and get us packed and ready for a pool party for another friend of Handley's.  All things that are practically impossible to do while holding an almost two year old.  At the party he got a little happier and did have fun playing some, but had a few meltdowns while we were there, too.  He took a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon, which was nice and when he woke up he seemed in a much better mood.  That didn't last too long though and this evening I was back to wanting to bang my head through a wall.  I'm usually so patient with him, but I am at the end of my rope. He is just so unhappy and so fearful of me not being right with him.  I'm wondering if it's some sort of separation anxiety (which has me even more worried about him starting pre-school in the fall).  Tonight while the girls were playing outside after dinner he just sat in my lap the whole time.  He was happy and looking on at them, but every time I asked him if he wanted to play he quickly told me no.  Then at bedtime he completely freaks because he doesn't want me to put him to bed. I have ended up rocking him the past few nights just to get him to go to sleep.  All of this to say that it has been a trying few days and I just want my sweet happy baby back.  If Monday rolls around and he is still acting like this we will be heading back to the pediatrician (or to a therapist for me).

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Renee said...

"I am going to bang my head through a wall" are my exact words lately too. Hayes has been a huge pill and I have said that phrase over and over. Ha! See you at the therapist.