Monday, November 29, 2010

Disney - Day 2

We started off first thing on Saturday morning at made it to the park just as they were opening the gates.  That meant we got to ride a few rides with NO wait and we were some of the only ones on the rides.  First up was the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride.  We rode it 4 times in a row and by the 3rd time the operators let us know we didn't have to get off, go through the exit, back through the entry gate and onto a "carpet" each we just stayed put for ride number 4. 

Next might have been the highlight of Handley's Disney trip...getting to meet the real Princess Tiana (from Princess and the Frog), who happens to be one of her favorites!  We waited in a very short line and when it was our turn Handley went running to give her a big hug. She got to talk to Tiana and Prince Naveen for at least 5 minutes and was smiling from ear to ear the entire time. :-)

We rode a few other rides that day, but mostly, she wanted to see the characters again.  On day one when we left the princesses she told them, "See you tomorrow!" so that's just what we did.
With Cinderella's stepsisters and stepmother. 

The girls even ran into their good friend, Annabelle at Disney World. (Really, we knew we'd be there the same day and decided to meet up so they could say hi and ride at least one ride together).  What a small world!

Saturday night we got to visit with Robby's grandmother and Aunt Sharon who live in Orlando.  They came to our hotel and went to dinner with us.  

For dinner we were celebrating Uncle Ryan's birthday.  We went to Universal City Walk and it was such a busy place!  It had been a very long week, but the girls held up pretty well.  They got balloon animals made for them from a man walking around the restaurant on stilts and while we were waiting for our table out front Handley got to hold a giant parrot on her shoulder. She wasn't scared at all.

They won't let you take pics of the birds, so this is a picture of a picture. 
Possibly the most fun the kids had that evening was walking on the moving sidewalks.  Who knew they could provide such excitement?!?!

It was a wonderful trip, but because we were so busy all week long and the girls didn't get as much sleep as they are used to, we were all ready to get home and get back on our normal routine.  Robby and I loved getting to take them to do all of these wonderful things though and know we all made memories that will last forever!

Disney World - Day 1

Our Disney World morning started off with a surprise donut breakfast from Daddy and if that weren't enough fun, the day just got better and better.

Waiting on the bus to Disney

We made it there!

The first ride Handley wanted to go on was the carousel.  She loved it, but Harper wasn't so sure.

Next up was Dumbo, the Tea Cups and then the Race Cars.

A glimpse into my future...oh my!!!

Obviously, Harper warmed up to the idea of going on the rides pretty quickly. :-)
 While Handley did enjoy the rides, what she loved most was getting to see all of the characters.  She would run right up, give them hugs and just stare at them. Harper liked the characters that were real people, but not those with masks or big heads on them.

Handley enjoyed any opportunity to be able to see the characters, including the show that is performed in front of the castle everyday.  Here is was watching on Robby's shoulders so she could get a better view.

While waiting on the parade to start she joined the other kids and the Disney employees who were "parading" around.

We chose to skip nap time, but luckily Harper was able to rest in the stroller for a little bit...she was pooped! 

All the kids waiting on the bus with their souvenirs Gigi bought for them. Rylan got a Pirates of the Caribbean gun, Harper choose a Minnie purse, and Handley got Minnie!


We spent Thanksgiving with Robby's mom's extended family.  They have a big Thanksgiving get-together each year and we were happy to join them while we were in Florida.  Robby's brother, Ryan, his wife, Heather, and our nephew, Rylan, were also in Orlando for the big event.  The family that hosts the Thanksgiving lunch lives on a lake and has the most gorgeous property.  They kids loved getting to be outside and play in the nice weather.

After eating as much turkey as possible we made our way back to the hotel where the girls found a special treat from the Disney Princesses, Mickey, and Minnie.  Too bad their basket was crushed by a suitcase on the way to the hotel, but the girls didn't seem to mind.

The biggest hit from this basket was the glitter hair spray that Handley got to wear to Disney, followed closely by the princess jewel candy and lip gloss.

(Note - The princesses just might have gotten the idea for the basket from a fellow blogger friend, Julie, over at Mama and Them.)

Florida - Day 1

We just returned home from Florida, where we spent most of last week.  We got to visit with friends, enjoy a big family Thanksgiving, and even spent a few days at Disney. We had LOTS of fun and I have TONS of pictures to share, but I'm going to break them up into a few different posts so keep checking back.

We got to Orlando late on Tuesday night and although both girls were asleep when we arrived, they woke up as soon as we got to the hotel.  Handley was thrilled with the idea of sleeping in a hotel, riding the elevator, and using the turnstile door.

Wednesday we went to visit our good friends, the Mills.  Their girls are very close in age to ours and even though we don't live near each other, whenever we get together they pick right up where they left off.  We took a ride on their boat up the St. John's River to a place called Blue Springs.  There was a playground there and we enjoyed a picnic lunch.  After that we walked along the springs observation decks looking at the beautiful scenery.  Blue Springs is a manatee refuge and we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one (and of a few alligators too).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pre-School Thanksgiving Program

Today was Handley's Thanksgiving Family Luncheon at her pre-school.  She was so excited that we would get to come to her classroom, hear her sing, and then get to eat lunch with her.  We started in her classroom where the kids performed a few Thanksgiving songs.  I'd heard bits and pieces of it all week and it was fun watching all the kids together.

Harper loved being at school and was running around like she was one of the "big kids."   I just know she is going to love school next year!

After their short program we had a traditional Thanksgiving turkey lunch in the fellowship hall with all of the other families.  It was a great family function and just one reasons I love her pre-school.

As you can tell from the video Handley was very proud of herself and seemed most excited that Harper was there.  At one point she says, "Harper!  Are you ready???"(meaning was she ready for the song she was about to sing).  It's kind of hard to hear the words to the first song, but they were pretending to be turkeys and singing "Sing and strutting all around, Fat Little Turkeys."

NOTE- I can't get my video to upload like I usually do, so if you want to watch her on video the link is below: