Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A few "firsts" for Harper

Last week Harper experienced a few "firsts."  For the past few weeks she does not want to recline.  Either when she is being held or when she is sitting in her car seat or bouncy seat she leans forward as if she is trying to sit up by herself.  I decided it was time to bust out the Bebe Pod seat.  She actually does really well sitting in it by herself and seems to enjoy looking at the spinning toy or just watching her crazy big sister play around her.  

Handley really likes to try to sit in the Bebe Pod seat, but after some convincing she decided to get her seat instead.  This picture just shows how difference they are in size right now...
Her other important "first" of last week was her first time swimming!  I honestly had not really planned on getting her in the pool, but Handley was so excited for Harper to "go swimming" that I decided to put her suit on  and take take her for a dip.  She didn't seem to mind, while I guess means she enjoyed it.  Our neighborhood pool just changed from chlorine to a salt water system this year, so I wasn't worried about chemicals, etc. bothering her skin.   Her light eyes are very sensitive to the brightness of the sun, but thankfully, she isn't coordinated enough yet to pull the sunglasses off her face.  

And a first for Handley too...she's finally brave enough to jump/fall off the side of the pool to someone.  Now that she's realized how much fun this can be, it's all she wants to do! 

And one "action" shot...Daddy throwing her in the air! 

Tooth update

Handley did really good at the dentist. We had borrowed a Dora goes to the Dentist book from her friend and read it over the weekend.  She was really excited to be there, until they called us back.  She was a little freaked out and hesitant to sit in the chair, etc, but once I got her in it and laying down she opened wide. After they said she was done she couldn't get out quick enough, but got to pick a prize and a sticker, so she was happy about that. They did an xray and one tooth was totally knocked.  The dentist said that worse case scenario is that the nerves received so much damage that the tooth would have to come out. However, most likely it will heal itself and be fine.  He did say it might darken though. :-(  We go back in 6-8 weeks for another xray to check the root/nerves. He did a little filing to smooth it out, but not a ton because he said it is just best to leave it alone right now and let it heal. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Handley's teeth

Yesterday Handley's mouth went from looking like this (such a pretty smile - with perfect, straight teeth) 
To looking like this. 
She fell coming in the house and chipped 3 of her front teeth.  Also, the middle two are knocked crooked and I think one might be loose!  (the picture doesn't really show how crooked they are) Poor thing.  As soon as I picked her up I saw her mouth and knew it couldn't be good.  I got to talk to Stefanie's dad (who is a dentist) and after answering a lot of questions he helped reassure me that it wasn't an emergency type situation.  I spent the rest of the afternoon calling around and trying to get her in with a pediatric dentist.  We have an appointment first thing Monday morning to have her checked out. I'm anxious to make sure there is no permanent damage and to see how they can help fix her smile.

She's having a hard time eating certain things because she can't bite into anything without it hurting her teeth.  I'm cutting up her food into small bites and trying to get her to eat soft/mushy things.  Also, her upper lip and gum was REALLY swollen this morning when she woke up.  She's a trooper though and is doing fine.  She loves getting to have some medicine to help with the pain and is already talking about her trip to the dentist.  

Her big lip
And while I was trying to take a good picture of her teeth/mouth, she grabbed her camera and tried to do the same. :-)

Wonder what we've been up to?

It's involved a lot of these...

And this chart...
And a lot of sitting/waiting...
If you guessed potty training you are right!  I dedicated this week to staying at home and doing a boot camp potty-training week.  I'm so proud of how well Handley has done and how quickly she caught on.  

I feel like the timing was perfect.  She just turned two and we've been talking about how she is a big girl now.  Also, several of her friends who are 2-years-old also just recently started using the potty.  I talked it up a lot last weekend (that she was a big girl now, she was 2, no more diaper, she got to use the potty now, wear big girl panties, etc.).  When she woke up Monday morning we said good-bye to diapers (except at night).  She was thrilled with the idea of getting an M&M each time she used the potty and getting a sticker on her chart.  She actually preferred a sticker on her arm so we did double stickers.  

I really think just doing away with diapers all together was the key to getting her to start using the potty.  She loves her big girl undies!  It's really cute because now every time I help her put them on she'll say "do not pee-pee in these."  I guess I said that to her a million times this week so it must have stuck.  :-)  

I never would have imagined how exhausting it would be on my part.  I feel like we spent hours in the bathroom this week and trying to dash there each time she needed to go, and also keep up with Harper was tough.  It was well worth it though.  We are used to being on the go and staying at home all week made for a long week.  However, we were lucky that she had a lots of new birthday toys to keep her busy. 

Here she is playing with her new easel! 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A day in the life...

...of a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).  One of my friends and fellow bloggers (Chrissy) sent me this link.  I was rolling on the floor laughing because I can SO relate to it, just with younger kids.  

I love staying at home and really can't imagine doing anything else.  However, there are days I feel like I'm about to go insane.  Someone once told me this about being a mom and it is really true...it's the toughest job you'll ever love. Read and enjoy!  God bless all the stay-at-home-moms. :-)  


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?  Just wanted to wish Robby a very Happy Father's Day.  We spent Father's Day weekend at the lake and had a great time.  We got a new tube for the boat as his Father's Day gift.  

Robby and Handley on the new tube
Sydney even got a chance to try it out

Handley is such a Daddy's girl.  She gets so excited when he comes home from work each day and loves being silly with him.  She loves "riding his foot" around the house, playing hide and seek before bath, and going on bike rides with him.  Harper loves how he tickles her and makes her smile her big grin. 

I love how Robby is so silly and fun with them both.  He plays with them in ways I never would think of and always makes them laugh/smile.   He works very long hours and is often traveling for work, but I know it is because he is so dedicated to the girls and to our family. 

Happy Father's Day!!!  We love you!  

Handley was born on Father's Day!
Handley 4 months
Handley 7 months
Handley 10 months
Handley 15 months
Handley 17 months

Harper's birthday!

Harper's ready to come home
Harper 2  months

I just love...

the big smile on Harper's face when she sees her big sister.  The past few weeks she just lights up as soon as Handley gets in her view or if Handley starts talking to her.  

Here she is, smiling from ear to ear at her big Sis!
Handley is equally as happy to see Harper, especially when she wakes up from her naps. In this picture she had just woken up from a snooze in the swing.  Handley always announces, "Harper's waking!!!" and runs to greet her.  
Handley giving Harper a frog toy.  She's so thoughtful! 
And lastly a few close-ups of that cute smile...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Handley!

On Wednesday we celebrated Handley's real 2nd birthday.  I still can't believe she is 2 years old! Everyone tells you that when you have kids the time will just fly and it is so true.  I told her it was her birthday yesterday and she immediately wanted to go to her party again! 

Some accomplishments and interesting facts about our little 2 year old: 
-She can count (1, 2, 3) over and over and if prompted will go up to 7 
-She can recognize several letters and give a word that goes along with the letter (D - Daddy)
-She loves to help me do anything around the house (cleaning, cooking, putting dishes away, watering flowers, etc.)
-She is really good at following directions and listening. 
-She speaks in 4-6 word sentences. 
-Her ever growing vocabulary cracks me up sometimes.   Some I love the most are: appetizer (and she totally understands what that means...she asks to eat her appetizers outside on the deck), seat buckle (for seat belt) heards that (asking if we "hear that" and wanting to know what that sound is), and she has recently started telling me "air conditioner's turning on" when she hears that sound.  She used to think it was the washing machine or better yet, the garage door opening which meant Robby was home. 
-She absolutely loves being a big sister and is so sweet to Harper. 
-She loves tractors (bull dozers, diggers, etc. and calls them all tractors).  You should see how excited she gets when she spots one as we are driving.  
-She has started correctly naming colors.  Green used to be the go-to color, followed by purple.
-Her favorite toys are still anything baby doll related. 
-She loves her mommy, but is becoming a daddy's girl.  
-She will name her emotions (Handley excited or Handley happy!)
-She has really started interacting with her friends and playing together, creating games with one another, etc.
-Loves to have books read to her.
-She's a girly girl...loves to have her toenails painted and her hair fixed. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sydney!

Sydney is 12 years old today! Everyone told us when you have kids your dog really becomes your dog.  That is really true and there are days I feel bad because I know I haven't given her hardly any attention.  However, Sydney is still such a part of our family and we all love her very much.  She's wonderful with kids and Handley just loves her.  The first time Handley really laughed out loud when she was a baby was watching Sydney play with one of her doggy toys.  I can't wait for Harper to do the same. :-) 

Happy Birthday Sydney!

Garden, Garage, and Grilling shower

Sunday we had a Garden, Garage, and Grilling shower for Trey and Stefanie.  Jen and Justen helped us host the shower and we had fun playing a newly wed game, visiting with friends, and watching them open their gifts.  They got lots of great things and are off to a good start to fill up their garage and tool box!   

Handley's Ice Cream Party

On Saturday we celebrated Handley's 2nd Birthday with an ice cream party.  Originally I had said I was not going to do a big party this year, but after seeing how excited Handley was when we started talking about her birthday I changed my mind. I really wanted it to be a special day for her.  

To say that she was excited about her party would be an understatement.  It's all she talked about for several weeks.  She'd say, "Who's birthday is coming up? Handley's birthday!! 2!!! (while holding up 5 fingers). 

Our ice cream party involved a yummy pizza lunch, cup cake
s, and an ice cream bar complete with all the toppings.  I think everyone had a great time and Handley loved having all her friends there to help celebrate her special day.  

The invitations

Handley helping me make cupcakes the day before
The birthday girl waiting for her guests to arrive. My mom made Handley's ice cream dress and a cute matching bubble suit for Harper. 
Daddy's girl
A family shot
We were so happy to have Mimi and Dadaw (my parents) in town for the party
Blowing out the candles on her cupcake.  I had her practice several times t
he day before so she'd know just what to do when the time came.  
Handley and Harper with Gigi and Papa (Robby's parents).  

Handley loves her new swing...birthday present from Mommy and Daddy. 

Handley and Daddy by the cupcake and ice cream table. 

Mimi with both girls
Playing her new guitar...a gift from Aunt Stefanie and Uncle Trey
Mowing the grass...a gift from Gigi and Papa.  There's a little story behind this gift.  Handley is obsessed with people mowing the grass.  She loves to watch her Daddy, our next door neighbor, landscapers in our neighborhood, etc. mow the grass. I kept telling her that maybe she could get a lawn mower for her birthday and so every time we'd pass someone mowing the grass on our daily walks she'd say, "Handley mow grass for birthday."