Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go Hawks!!!

This afternoon we went to the Hawks game and had so much fun. They were playing the LA Lakers, so it was a really exciting game and the arena was packed with Hawks and Lakers fans. The Hawks kept their lead throughout the entire game and ended up winning (Hawks 86 - Lakers 76)! Our seats were only a few rows back and we had a great view of all the action. Handley had a lot of fun and was so content to just sit on our laps and take in all in. She watch the game the majority of the time and would always start clapping when everyone else cheered.

Harry the Hawk...Handley got to give him a high-five and continued watching him as he moved around the stands!

Watching the jumbotron

Fun with Trey and Stefanie

Last night my brother, Trey, and his fiance, Stefanie babysat Handley for the first time. Robby and I had a wedding to go to so Trey and Stefanie agreed to come over and watch Handley all evening. Handley was really excited about having them here to play and didn't even care when we left. They said she did great all evening and had a great time with them. As soon as she woke up this morning she was asking about them and telling me all about the fun things they did together.

They joked about having a hard time changing her diaper and when I changed her this morning I figured out why...the diaper was on backwards! Besides that mishap they they did a great job and we'll definitely be asking them to babysit again!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!!!

We are so sick of the rain!!! It feels like it has been raining non-stop for the entire week and it's supposed to keep raining all through next week too. We miss going outside to play and taking our daily walks. However, Handley loves days that it rains because it means she gets to wear her rain boots!

We had a little break in the rain this evening so Handley and I got to go out for a short walk down the street. She LOVES to take her baby on a walk and push her down the sidewalk.

This afternoon we met Jen for lunch and she was sweet enough to keep giving Handley pennies to throw in the fountain. Handley kept asking for more and of course Jen didn't say no. Hopefully all of her wishes will come true!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A special playgroup

This afternoon one of our playgroups threw a mini-shower to help Handley and I celebrate Harper's arrival! It was so sweet of them to think of us during this exciting time. Everyone had a good time eating yummy treats and playing together. We got some really nice things for Harper including diapers, a few outfits, a hand-print ornament, and a Babies R Us gift card!

Here are a few pictures from today:
Our attempt at trying to get a picture of part of the group
Handley and Annabelle
Handley and Avery

Avery is all smiles!

Thanks everyone for a special afternoon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My latest project

You all know I love being crafty and making things. I can't seem to not have a project going on and had a few things I hoped to complete before Harper's arrival. This bag was the last thing on my to-do list. I had some left over fabric from the bedding and curtains I made in Harper's nursery and decided that I wanted to try to duplicate the diaper bag I used for Handley. I had bought hers online from a woman that makes them, but after looking at it closely I knew I could probably use it as a pattern to make my own. This is my first attempt at any sort of bag and I even figured out how to make some nice pockets on the inside. I worked last night and tonight after Handley went to bed and love the way it turned out!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Sunday

Some of you may remember me blogging about "Baby Noah" while taking care of him for a few weeks. I'm not watching him anymore, but Handley became very attached to him while he was staying with us and still asks about him. This morning our friends (Noah's parents) invited us to Noah's dedication at their church. We were very happy to be a part of such a special day for their family and Handley was thrilled to get to see him again. After the dedication we went back to John and Donna's house for a nice lunch.

Robby, Handley, John, and Noah

This afternoon Robby took Handley on a bike ride. Here she is very excited to go on a "fast" ride with Daddy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabby!

Today we helped Handley's friend, Gabby, celebrate her 2nd birthday. Gabby lives in our neighborhood and is part of one of our "girl-club" playgroup. There are 4 girls that are all within a few months of each other and they've all become such good friends.

Gabby's mom planned a "Dora" party for her. There were lots of fun activities for the kids to enjoy and lots of yummy food too. As soon as we walked in to their house Handley spotted the giant ball pit and went diving in.

There was also a bouncy house outside that she had fun in with her friends.
Addyson, Annabelle, and Handley jumping in the bounce house together

A funny note about the bouncy house. No shoes are allowed and she was constantly in and out of it. She could not stand to have her bare feet on the grass though. The first time I pulled her out and set her on the ground without her shoes on she kept lifting them up and literally started climbing up me so that her feet didn't have touch the grass. It was hilarious. It's odd to me because she doesn't mind sand and stuff like that on her feet and had no trouble last year walking barefoot in the grass. I guess it's just been a long winter and she's gotten really used to her socks!
She and Addyson had a lot of fun playing in the beer bucket. :-)

On the wagon ride home she was checking out all the fun treats in the goody bag from the party. She loved the sunglasses, even though she had them on upside down!

I can't believe I don't have one picture of Handley and Gabby together, but Gabby was the star of the day and was so busy visiting her guests I didn't get a shot of the two of them together. I know that some other people got some pictures so hopefully I'll have some emailed to me soon.

Happy Birthday Gabby!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Today Handley and I finished up at a local consignment sale earlier than expected and had a little bit of time before our playgroup started. I had a sudden craving for a smoothie, so I headed over to a local Smoothie King. Since I was in high school I've loved Smoothie King! There is one that opened, not far from us, probably over a year ago and I've never been to it! I guess it just hasn't been worth the trouble of getting Handley in and out of the car to run in and pick one up. However, today we made a visit there and I kept telling Handley she was going to get a yummy treat. As we were ordering the employee gave us a sample cup of another smoothie and Handley kept licking her lips and asking for more. I told her she'd get her very own cup. When he was finished making ours I handed her the kid-sized smoothie and she started sucking away. Immediately a big smile spread across her face and I knew she was hooked. They are just so YUMMY!

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of her enjoying her first Smoothie King smoothie. I know it will be the first of many!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Throwing rocks

Our neighborhood has a walking trail that leads from our cud-de-sac to the other side of the neighborhood. There is a little stream that runs through it and one of Handley's favorite things is to throw rocks in the stream. She would spend an hour collecting and tossing the rocks in the water if I let her.

Today, during our walk we went on that path and I took this video of her:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


OK, so I officially feel huge! I'm 35 weeks now and can't wait to have Harper here with us. We are totally prepared...nursery is done, clothes are washed, bag is packed, car seat is installed, "Big Sis" t-shirt is made, etc. I really can't complain. I've felt SO good this entire pregnancy and overall still feel great. I'm just a little more tired now, a little more uncomfortable, and tired of having to use the bathroom what feels like every 10 minutes. :-)

I know it won't be long...only about a month to go and I'm so excited to meet our baby girl. I can't wait to see Handley as a big sister and to see what it feels like to be a family of 4 and a mother of 2 precious little girls. I can't wait to see how she looks...will she remind me of Handley when she was a newborn or look totally different. I can't wait to see what her personality and temperament will be. Is she going to be easy-going and pretty laid back like Handley was? Only time will tell. I am happy that the next month is going to be a busy one for us. We have something going on every weekend and between doctor's appointments, play dates, story-time, etc. our weekdays are pretty full too.

As much as I'm excited to have Harper here with us, I'm also trying to really cherish this last month with Handley. I know her life will forever be changed when Harper arrives and that she is going to love having a baby sister. However, for almost two years now she has been the center of my world and will soon have to share that spotlight. I want these last few weeks to be very special for her and want her to know how very loved she is.

My original intent when starting this post was to share a picture of my big baby belly for everyone who's been asking. Here you go!

35 weeks pregnant with Harper

And for comparison, here I was 35 weeks pregnant with Handley

You can tell we lived in FL at the time...look how TAN I was! I feel like Casper the Ghost right now...time to pull out the Jergen's Glow. :-)

Many, many thanks...

I just had the best 5 days in a row that I can remember for a very long time. My mom was in town from early Thursday morning to late last night and I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of her time with us. The last time she and my dad were here was in January and she knew that she didn't want to wait until April to see Handley. As it was, Handley had already changed so much and was talking WAY more than the last time they were here.

I had a very long to-do list of things I hoped to accomplish while I had my mom's help. I got everything done including:

*running errands and doing little things around the house
*packing my hospital bag
*sewing and painting a lot of baby gifts for friends
*making and freezing about 12 meals to have after Harper arrives
*sewing a sling to use for Harper
*making a "Big Sis" shirt for Handley to wear to the hospital

I feel SO much better knowing everything is done and ready for our newest addition. I never could have gotten it all done without my mom.

Handley also loved having her here. I really enjoy watching the two of them together and feel like they have such a special bond. I really learn so much from my mom. She teaches me how to be a better mother myself. She never gets upset or frustrated with Handley and thinks of all kinds of fun activities and games to do with her. She has a heart of gold and the patients of a saint. No wonder Handley loves her so much!

Every time my parents come visit I'm reminded of how much I miss them and how I really wish they lived closer. Handley and I were both sad to drop her off at the airport last night, but I just had to keep reminding myself that it will only be a month and she and my dad will be back for Harper's birth.

Mom~ Thank you for all of your help this weekend. We love you and can't wait to see you again soon!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's your name?

The past few days I've been asking Handley what her name is and just LOVE the way she says it.

I finally got it on video this morning. Please excuse the "bed-head" and the syrup that is all over her chin!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pretty Pig-Tails

It's taken a very long time for Handley's hair to really grow and now it's finally long enough for me to put it up. I tried pig-tails tonight and just LOVE how they look. Every morning I fix her hair and put a bow in it. She lets me do that with no problem. However, every time I've tried to put her hair up she pushes my hands away and says, "Stop Mommy!" Tonight was no different. She hated me putting it up and kept pulling the pig-tails out. :-( I'm hoping that if I keep trying she'll get used to it and let me do it with no resistance.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Handley's baby doll...

Goes everywhere with us! She's such a good little mommy. On the mornings that Noah arrives at our house Handley is excited for him to get out of his car seat so that she can put her baby in it!

She does the same thing with the swing and bouncy soon as Noah gets out, her baby goes in!

Happy Birthday Addyson!

Yesterday Handley and I went to Addyson's 2nd birthday party! I can't believe she is turning 2 because I remember being at her 1st birthday party and it doesn't feel like that long ago. Her mom had planned a great party with lots of yummy food and fun activities. Handley loved the cupcakes, the slide and the giant ball pit!

Addyson, Handley, and Grant

Everyone in line for the slide

Having fun in the giant ball pit...

Grant loved the balls!

Handley did too...

And just for fun, here is a picture of Handley and Addyson and Addy's 1st birthday party:

And this year at Addy's 2nd birthday party: