Friday, March 20, 2009


Today Handley and I finished up at a local consignment sale earlier than expected and had a little bit of time before our playgroup started. I had a sudden craving for a smoothie, so I headed over to a local Smoothie King. Since I was in high school I've loved Smoothie King! There is one that opened, not far from us, probably over a year ago and I've never been to it! I guess it just hasn't been worth the trouble of getting Handley in and out of the car to run in and pick one up. However, today we made a visit there and I kept telling Handley she was going to get a yummy treat. As we were ordering the employee gave us a sample cup of another smoothie and Handley kept licking her lips and asking for more. I told her she'd get her very own cup. When he was finished making ours I handed her the kid-sized smoothie and she started sucking away. Immediately a big smile spread across her face and I knew she was hooked. They are just so YUMMY!

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of her enjoying her first Smoothie King smoothie. I know it will be the first of many!


the mckechnies said...

fun outing! we love smoothies too and make them often at home. M has started to really like them recently and likes to talk about drinking a "soothie".

Jennifer said...

Yum! This makes me want and Orange Kablam. :)