Monday, July 27, 2009

Nothing says summer... popsicles and bare feet in the grass.  That's exactly what Handley and her friend Avery did today.  I helped my friend Tiara complete her first sewing project and the girls had a blast running around in the backyard and playing together while we sewed.  I love the exciting feeling when I complete a project and was so happy to get to share that since of accomplishment with someone else.  If you want to see some pics of her completed project and of the girls eating their popsicles check out Tiara's blog here.  


Last week we went with Rylan, Heather, Ryan, Gigi and Papa to Fernbank.  I never would have thought about taking Handley there, but am so glad we went.  She loved seeing the dinosaurs and the Under the Sea IMAX movie.  She's never been to the movies before and I really wasn't sure how she would do sitting through the 45 minute movie.  I was so impressed with how well she did.  She was in awe and sat so still the entire time.  When it was over she kept asking for more.  We'll definitely be going back and going to the movies sometime soon. 

Handley and Papa looking at the dinosaurs
All of us (minus Heather who was taking the picture) ready for the movie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Photos

As I mentioned before, Robby's brother's family was in town this past weekend.  We had the fabulous Jen (from At First Sight Photography) take some family shots of all of us.  

Here is a cute one of Handley and Rylan
So cute!!!  If you want to see some more, check out her blog here.

Thanks Jen!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cousins having fun...

That would describe our day on Sunday.  Ryan, Heather and Rylan (Robby's brother's family) was in town visiting from Colorado.  We spent the entire day together and had so much fun.  The kids just loved hanging out together, playing chase, swimming, and digging up rocks.  We can't wait to see them again later this week. 

Here's a few pictures from the day: 

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

On Saturday we went to Mackenzie's 4th birthday party!  It was at a really fun place called Southern Prep.  There were all sorts of exciting things for the kids to do and Handley just had a ball.  She loved the giant foam pit and just being able to run and dance to the music.  We will most likely be having a birthday party there in the future.  All the kids had a blast and the parents did too!  

Handley and Daddy in the foam pit
Handley and Gracie jumping on a trampoline
After playing hard for an hour it was time for lunch and cake.  They had a party room with a little table and chairs just the perfect size for kids.  It was so fun watching her sit there with her friends, eat their pizza and enjoy their cupcakes.  She seemed so grown up! All Handley could talk about after she saw the cupcakes was eating one.  She could have cared less about her pizza...she just wanted cake!  
Here she is with her friend Gracie enjoying the cupcake.

Toddler Talk

Handley just cracks me up with some of the things she says.  I've decided to start recording some of them here so I can remember them.  

Today she spent over an hour in her crib and never fell asleep.  After the non-nap I went in to get her out of the crib and this was our conversation. 

Handley: Waking up!!!

Me: You never went to sleep. 

Handley: (as she shrugs her shoulders) Maybe next time. 

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harper meets Uncle Cameron

My youngest brother, Cameron, recently moved back to Atlanta from NC.  We are happy to have him close by now. He came over this week to visit with us and see the girls.  This was Harper's first time to meet Uncle Cameron and as usual, she as all smiles for him (except when I wanted to take a picture!).  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


One of the treats she got for doing so well using the potty.  Handley just loves her "gobble gobbles." 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Harper - 3 Months

On Friday, Harper turned 3 months old.  If I had to use one word to describe her right now, it would be HAPPY!!!  What a difference a month or two makes.  

At 3 months old she: 
-is happy ALL the time (unless she's tired)
-rarely cries
-still loves her paci, but also enjoys sucking on her fingers
-sleeps in what appears to be the most uncomfortable position, with her back arched, but she must like it
-still sleeps swaddled
-goes to bed at 7:30, wakes once around 2-3 AM and goes back down until about 7:30
-naps 4 times a day and often takes a little cat-nap in the evenings before bedtime
-loves to talk!  She's found her voice and likes everyone to hear it. 
-doesn't mind tummy time
-rolls from tummy to back
-prefers sitting straight up or standing to leaning back or reclining
-is really strong!
-hates having her hair washed
-has swam in the pool and the lake, and seems to enjoy both
-is very entertained by her big sister

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The joy's of potty-training...

...a toddler while nursing an infant. I'm not always able to be right there with her when she needs to go, so thankfully she's gotten really good at running in the bathroom and using her little potty on her own.  However, after I finally got to her yesterday, this is what I found when she was trying to get some "paper."  


This was Harper's first trip to Wilmington, which also meant that it was her first time meeting a lot of family, including my grandparents.  Everyone was excited to finally get to see her in person.  

Memaw M. and Harper
Memaw M., Harper, and Mimi
Memaw S., Harper, and Handley

Memaw and Bimmie visiting with Harper

Handley and Paxton (she kept holding his hand and trying to hug him...I think she has a crush)

4th of July Weekend

For the 4th of July this year we made the 7 hour road trip to Wilmington, NC to see my parents and extended family.  Being in the car with a 2 year old and a 2 1/2 month old for 7-8 hours was not fun.  However, we were excited to finally be there and to enjoy a nice long holiday weekend.  
Handley doing a sparkler for the first time.  She really had fun, but I was really nervous that she was going to catch her dress on fire!
We spent a lot of time at the beach while we were there and Handley had a blast!   

Mommy and her girls...all ready for dinner. 

Handley and Blythe (my cousin's little girl) had fun playing together.

Memaw (my mom's mom) and Harper on the beach

Handley with Mimi and Dadaw

Harper did WONDERFUL on the beach.  She slept a while each day in a beach chair and loved hearing the sounds of the ocean and feeling the sea breeze. 

Snoozing on the beach

Mimi and Harper

Sporting her shades
She slept better on our trip than she ever has...even slept through the night 10.5 hours one night.  I guess we were on the go and it wore her out.  Here she is napping one morning with her Daddy.