Friday, May 29, 2015

Rhythm Orphan Annie - Dress Rehearsal

We came home from a nice fun relaxing weekend at the lake and the next morning we hit the ground running with our crazy busy week.

The girls had their dance recital rehearsal on Tuesday.  We were there for three dances and they happened to just be spaced out enough to make it feel like we were there ALL day long.  The girls loved it though and I loved seeing them up on stage.  They were most excited about getting to wear makeup, but enjoyed their fun costumes, too.

I can't wait for the show tonight - I know they will do great!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake

As usual, we spent our first official weekend of summer at the lake.  It was tons of fun and we had lots of friends with us, too!  The weather was gorgeous and I think everyone had a great time.

Me and my mini-me enjoying time on the boat! 

Walker is getting braver each time he goes out and the water isn't as scary to him anymore.  What he loves is running up and down the beach and playing fetch over and over and over.

Robby got a paddle board recently and we are having so much fun with it!  

This was my first time trying it and it was awesome. I only paddled around for a second because the kids wanted a try, but I'm hooked.  

I was impressed by how well the girls were able to stay up and balance on their own.  They had been out with Robby before, but just as a passenger.  This time they actually got to really paddle on their own.

One night we went to dinner at our favorite, Lighthouse.  We go by boat, sit outside by the big grassy field, and the kids have a blast playing out there until their food arrives.  It works out great because then we get to have uninterrupted adult conversations.  It's a win-win!

On the way back home that night the girls were begging to jump in the lake with their clothes on.  Before we knew it, there were TONS of us in the water.  It as awesome and as we said all weekend, we were all making memories.  I hope these are the special memories my kids will remember from their childhood.

In other big news, Parker and Hudson had a sleepover together of the first time and we were shocked that they actually went to sleep and stayed asleep all night!  They were both so excited and it was so sweet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Last Day of School

Last Thursday was the girls' last day of school.  They were both happy and sad about it being the last day and I cannot believe another school year is behind us!  

We wanted to celebrate the start to summer with a  big bang so the other parents and I planned to greet the kids with silly string and water balloons.  The kids didn't suspect anything and they were all so surprised when they hopped off the bus. 

They got out early on the last day so we went to grab lunch with Harper's friend at Chick-fil-a.  Then we had Hudson's last swim lesson.  I am so very proud of how well he did this year and I can't wait for us to start going to the pool everyday so we can keep practicing all that the has learned.  

We rounded out the afternoon with ice cream with Handley's friend and after that it was time to start packing and get ready for our first weekend at the lake, which was a much needed bit of relaxation after a busy week!  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

End of the year Parties!

This week has been all sorts of fun for the girls.  Since it is the last week of school their classes have been wrapping up the school year with themed days, outdoor activities, and lots of fun.  We've been counting down at home!

On Monday some of the Kindergarten classes had planned outdoor centers.  There were snacks, bubbles, games and lots of giggles.

Then it started sprinkling as the fun was just getting started and then it started to thunder so we all had to come inside.  Shortly after that the bottom fell out and it was POURING.  But, some rain couldn't stop the Kindergarten fun because the sweet teachers set up what the could in the hallway and the kids still had a blast.

In fact, I am confident that they will remember scooting up and down the hallway more than they would if they just were just doing outside on the track.

Today was the 2nd grade end of the year party and the weather was gorgeous so Handley's class got to be outside for their party.  I made these cute little pudding cups (you can read all the details and instructions HERE on Magnolia Mamas).

After their snack we started playing games with balloons and then moved on to some relay races with beach balls.  The kids loved this the most and had the best time working together and cheering for their friends.  We ended with water balloons and the whole morning was just a blast!  

As happy and excited we are for summer, we are so very sad to be saying goodbye to the girls' teachers.  I honestly could not have asked for a better fit for both of them and I just feel so thankful that they both had amazing years this year.  They have both grown up and changed so much and in a really good way because of their teachers.  Ms. Gergel and Ms. Shingleton both gave me a gift for being their room mom this year (which was TOTALLY unnecessary), but so thoughtful and sweet of them.  I also got the sweetest notes from them that made me all teary and just solidified the fact that they are not only amazing teachers, but also amazing people.  Both girls have been talking about how much they will miss their teachers and I believe it because I feel the same way!  I love them both and can't thank them enough for all they did this year for my girls.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Papa's Retirement Party

All week long last week Gigi had been making secret trips over to our house to drop off food, drinks, and party supplies for Papa's surprise retirement party.  On Friday evening, he though he was coming to our house for family pictures, but in fact, he was showing up to his own party.  

It was so funny to see him walk in our house and be just a wee bit confused about what was going on until it all started to sink in.  

The girls and I were the bright and colorful welcoming committee and were excited to wear our new Lilly for Target finds. 

Many of his friends that he has worked with past and present were in attendance and they all told stories and reminisced about their times working together. 

We had tons of great appetizers, BBQ and delicious sides for dinner, and cupcakes and cookie cake for dessert.

It was a great night and we are happy to help with making this party go off without a hitch!  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hudson's Last Day of School

On Friday Hudson celebrated his last day of 3 year old preschool!  I can hardly believe his school year is over.  

He's come such along way this year and has learned so much.  Not only academically, but socially as well.  He usually just get to tag along with the girls and their friends, so it is fun to see him making friends of his own now.

He has had the same teachers for the past two years because they taught the young 2's T, TH and the young 3's M,W,F.  They have been so wonderful and I can't say enough about them.  Hudson had a rough start last year, but these sweet teachers worked with me to help him learn to love school and this year that has just continued because every single day he ran into his classroom confidently and for that I will always be grateful.

On our way home after his party on Friday he said he was really going to miss his teachers and I feel the same way!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Splish Splash!

This week has been full of swimming!  Hudson started swim lessons this week and is doing so well!!! I am really surprise and impressed with just how well he is doing.  I probably shouldn't be though because he has been talking about swim lessons for weeks now and has been asking about swimming without his float for quite some time. He is doing semi-private lessons (he and another child) with a woman that teaches out of her pool at her home.  It's really close by to us, so really convenient, except for the fact that the only time she had available was right when the girls get off the bus!  Thankfully, my amazing neighbors have been so helpful in getting the girls off the bus for a few minutes until I can make it back home.

Yesterday, on day 3 of his 10 day lessons, he started swimming independently. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked over and saw my little guy swimming like a fish!  He is so motivated and his teacher even said that with 3rd kids, they want to do it so bad to be like their older siblings, that it usually clicks much sooner.  I'm just so proud of him and can't wait for a fun summer of swimming and playing at the pool.

Hudson isn't the only one swimming this week.  The girls started swim team practice yesterday!  They were only able to attend two days this week because of other activities they have after school, but so far, so good!  I was little nervous about swim team since I never did it growing up and the daily commitment in the summer is a lot for each morning, but it only goes through June and they are really doing well so far.  It also helps that they are on a team with a lot of friends, so I'm sure it will be a ton of fun for them (and me, too!).

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Mother's Day celebrations started on Friday around here.  Hudson's preschool class hosted a Mother's Day Fiesta and it as so much fun.  The kids had made some cute things for us and they played in their classroom while the moms enjoyed a yummy Mexican lunch and chatted together.

I loved the sweet little survey they did for each of the kids and Hudson's answers made me laugh.

Later that afternoon the girls brought home all sorts of sweet things for me.  From letters, to poems, to a sugar scrub for the bath, I was showered with treats.

On Saturday, we had Gigi over for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day and loved spending time with her and Papa.

This morning I started my Mother's Day off great by sleeping in super late and waking up to a large sweet tea and fresh bagels.  Robby and the kids sure do know the way to my heart!  Then we got ready and made our way to the lake for the day.  It was so much fun and really made us all excited about the summer.

The kids layed like this on the boat for the longest time while we were searching for a good beach.  Hudson also kept saying it was his best day ever!

Walker had fun trying to figure out the whole lake experience and we think he will be a water dog in time.  He was a little nervous to go swimming, but he was loving the beach.

It was the perfect day and I can't imagine another way to have spent my Mother's Day.