Wednesday, May 20, 2015

End of the year Parties!

This week has been all sorts of fun for the girls.  Since it is the last week of school their classes have been wrapping up the school year with themed days, outdoor activities, and lots of fun.  We've been counting down at home!

On Monday some of the Kindergarten classes had planned outdoor centers.  There were snacks, bubbles, games and lots of giggles.

Then it started sprinkling as the fun was just getting started and then it started to thunder so we all had to come inside.  Shortly after that the bottom fell out and it was POURING.  But, some rain couldn't stop the Kindergarten fun because the sweet teachers set up what the could in the hallway and the kids still had a blast.

In fact, I am confident that they will remember scooting up and down the hallway more than they would if they just were just doing outside on the track.

Today was the 2nd grade end of the year party and the weather was gorgeous so Handley's class got to be outside for their party.  I made these cute little pudding cups (you can read all the details and instructions HERE on Magnolia Mamas).

After their snack we started playing games with balloons and then moved on to some relay races with beach balls.  The kids loved this the most and had the best time working together and cheering for their friends.  We ended with water balloons and the whole morning was just a blast!  

As happy and excited we are for summer, we are so very sad to be saying goodbye to the girls' teachers.  I honestly could not have asked for a better fit for both of them and I just feel so thankful that they both had amazing years this year.  They have both grown up and changed so much and in a really good way because of their teachers.  Ms. Gergel and Ms. Shingleton both gave me a gift for being their room mom this year (which was TOTALLY unnecessary), but so thoughtful and sweet of them.  I also got the sweetest notes from them that made me all teary and just solidified the fact that they are not only amazing teachers, but also amazing people.  Both girls have been talking about how much they will miss their teachers and I believe it because I feel the same way!  I love them both and can't thank them enough for all they did this year for my girls.

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