Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Friday!!!

I'm so happy it is Friday! We've had a good week, but we have hit May so the countdown to summer is officially on.  I'm so ready to have a break from our busy schedule, but not looking forward to this school year being over because we just have loved all the kids' teachers this year.

Today is field day so the girls are super excited! I can't wait to be there helping all day and see all of the fun they will have. :-)

I posted this pictures on Facebook last week, but wanted to share it here, too.  Walker sleeps like this all of the time.  It cracks us up and we call it "dead dog" and he does it all the time. So funny!  From all of the comments I got, apparently a lot of dogs sleep like this. :-)

Harper is so funny with her clothes and what she wants to wear.  She has very strong opinions so trying to get her to pick out her outfits is always a struggle. However, she is really happy with her new spring/summer clothes so she has been much more agreeable lately.

And this Lilly Pulitzer for Target romper was a lucky find. I got a few pieces on the release day and then kept checking back for more.  She had told me about her friend at school hat had "green leaf pants that are connected to a shirt" and I knew exactly what she was talking about.  She begged me to get one for her and I told her I wish it was that easy because I knew everything was sold out.  Well, I stopped by the returns desk when I was in Target picking up something else and they happened to have this, in her size!  She was SO excited and wore it the very next day!

And lastly, we love Thursday's around here. Not only is the anticipation of the weekend really exciting, but it is also our afternoon with NOTHING on our schedule except playtime. We almost always have playdates on Thursdays so yesterday was no exception.  Harper went over to her friends house and Handley's friend came over here.  The weather was gorgeous and they played outside the whole time. These two girls are the sweetest of friends and I am so thankful for her.

Hudson tags along with the girls and they are sweet enough to include him in their games.  They didn't want to play football though so when he asked me to play with him I couldn't say no. I had a million other things to be doing, but playing with my future QB won out as top priority. I'm so glad I said no to the to-do list and yes to playing with my little guy. We had so much fun and it was the best afternoon.

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