Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kindergarten Performance and Author Celebration

This morning was the Kindergarten musical performance. Harper had been so excited about this and had kept everything a complete secret! She wouldn't share any of the details about her songs or anything.  Robby and I both got to attend since he was in town and our awesome neighbors saved us front row seats so we got a great view of the kids.

After the performance we were invited back to their classrooms for the author celebration.  I love that our school does this for each grade and the writing samples are put into a binder that follow the kids the entire time they are at the school.  In 5th grade we will get the binder back and have a collection of all of their writing from elementary school.

Also while we were there Harper gave me the sweetest Mother's Day gift!  I just love it and loved how excited she was to give it to me.

I have very mixed emotions as this school year comes to a close. I love summer and having the kids home with me, but this year has been so exceptional for both girls so I'm really sad about saying goodbye to their teachers.  We really lucked out this year and I could not feel more thankful for the wonderful school year.

Harper has just excelled in Kindergarten and absolutely adores her teacher.  Ms. G. tells me that Harper is such a little assistant in the class and just loves helping any chance she can get.

I had a conference with Handley's teacher yesterday and literally got all teary thanking her for all that she has done for Handley.  I prayed and prayed for excellent teachers for both my girls this year and I know my girls were in the exact classrooms that they needed to be in.  Handley is very anxious about next year because in her eyes, it will be hard for a teacher to follow in Ms. S's footsteps.  

I got to help her class out with a project today and part of that was me taking pictures of each of the students with Ms. S.  I just LOVE this one!

One thing is for sure though, these two amazing teachers will hold a very special place in our hearts for a long time to come and the kids they will teach next year are a very lucky group.

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