Friday, February 17, 2017

Super Bowl 51 {Day 3}

Sunday morning everyone was so pumped up about the game.  We woke up, put on our red and black, and were very excited.  Robby had bought Falcon's socks the day before in honor of Hudson who loves a good pair of "pull-up socks." 

Next, it was time for the official Super Bowl 51 Tailgate.  There was yummy food, drinks, and lots of live music, including Lady Antebellum. 

We stayed there for a little while and then we were ready to check out the stadium and walk around a bit so we made our way over.  There were fans everywhere and it seemed to me that the Falcons fans were outnumbering the Patriot fans.  We did a little shopping for souvenirs! 

Then we found our seats which were in the end zone about 15 rows back.  We knew it would be hard to see anything going on at the other end of the field, but we had a good view when they were close to us. 

Really, we didn't care though. We were just so excited and happy to be there! 

The energy and awe of everyone in the stadium was so high.  When the teams were announced it was so loud.  Since the stadium has a retractable roof (more on that in a few) they were able to keep it closed since the forecast was calling for rain and that made it even louder in there. 

Luke Bryan sang the national anthem and did a wonderful job.  

The former President Bush and his First Lady were escorted onto the field for the coin toss.  It was so sweet to see them and all of the players seemed honored to shake their hands.  

Anyone who watched the game knows the first half was awesome if you are a Falcons fan. We couldn't believe how well they are doing and that we went into halftime with such a huge lead.  We thought for sure we had this game in the bag. 

More people asked me about the half-time show than anything else about the Super Bowl.  I loved it! I have always loved Lady Gaga and feel like she is such a great performer.  She puts on a good show and that is what everyone got. 

As soon as halftime began the roof to the stadium started opening and I knew that Lady Gaga had mentioned in previous interviews that she wanted to do something from the roof.  As they were setting up for the show everyone kept staring at the sky searching for her.  Come to find out after the fact that part of the show was pre-recorded, but when she started her decent into the stadium the spotlights focused on her and everyone saw her about half-way down.  I have no idea where she came from but it had to be way up high, so for all I know she did come from the roof.  

 Because of where our seats were we couldn't see the front of the stage, but there was still plenty for us to take in.  The lights, the fireworks, the set changes...all of it.  I will say though that I loved coming home and watching a video of the full performance, because it was so much better to watch on TV! 

The second half of the game just started to get worse and worse. As the Patriots were inching closer and closer to catching up with us our spirits just kind of kept sinking.  We couldn't believe how we could have had such a big lead and then to have lost it.  It honestly didn't feel real. Going into the first overtime ever in Super Bowl history had to say something about our team though and the fact that we made it there was such an incredible accomplishment.  Here's hoping next season will be as wonderful as this one was! 

Super Bowl 51 {Day 2}

The next day we slept in and relaxed a bit at the hotel before heading out to explore.  We grabbed lunch and then made our way over to the NFL Experience.  It was SO crowded!!!  

Inside there were all sorts of fun activities you could do like kicking a field goal, trying to catch the balls, etc. and there were also all kinds of exhibits set up. We didn't do any of them because the lines were so long, but we sort of just walked around and took it all in!  

That night on our way to dinner we ran into the Atlanta Falcons Bird Lady.  She's a super fan and was nice enough to pose for a picture with us!

After dinner we got to see the Goo Goo Dolls and Sting in a concert!  It was fun to sing along with classic songs and hear those guys still put on a good show!

Super Bowl 51 {Day 1}

I mentioned a few posts ago that Robby and I got to go to the Super Bowl again this year and this year was even more exciting since our hometown team was playing!  The whole city had Falcon's Fever and it was such an exciting week leading up to the big game!  Everywhere you looked was saying "Rise Up!" 

We took a very early flight and arrived in Houston first thing in the morning. I was excited to be in TX!

We dropped our bags at the hotel and went to the Budweiser Brewery for a tour.  It was really interesting to see the history and learn how they made the beer. 

We even got to taste day-old beer from the finishing tanks.  It was super cold in these rooms though!

We were there with our friends, Paul and Amber, and we all had so much fun!  

After the tour we got to taste several different types of beer they brew.

Back at our hotel Bud Light had transformed the host hotel and there were all sorts of fun details in the lobby area.


That night we went to the Budweiser party and when we arrived the Clydesdale houses were out front!

It was a country western themed party and every detail was just perfect!  We all received leather koozies  that they monogramed onsite and the food was delicious!

Thomas Rhett performed and we were right up front!  He put on a great show, but we were freezing because it was outdoors and so cold that night.

A friend I know from our kids' schools was there too, so we had fun seeing them all weekend!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Sweetheart Dance

Last weekend while Robby and I were out of town for the Super Bowl (more on that to come soon) the girls attended the Sweetheart Dance at their school.  We were so thankful to awesome friends who took the girls with them so that they didn't have to miss out on any of the fun.  

Mimi helped get the girls all ready and I loved seeing the pictures of them all dressed up.  

They both said they had tons of fun and from what I can tell all of the girls at the school did!

College and Career Day

Yesterday was College and Career day at school and the kids were able to dress in either their favorite college shirt or they could dress up like what they want to be when they grow up.  They have parents and other volunteers come in and give presentations to the classes about different careers and it is really a fun day for the kids.

Handley dressed up like a Veterinarian because that is what she says she wants to be when she grows up.  She has a heart for animals, especially dogs, and I think she would be a wonderful vet!

Harper dressed up as a teacher.  She is constantly playing school at home and always has at the role of teacher.  She was so excited about her badge, her pointer and carrying around a Yeti cup like the teachers do.

Unrelated, but still worth sharing is this adorable poster Hudson made the other night.  I was helping Handley with homework and he was in the playroom creating this all by himself.  So many things to notice!  This is the first time I've seen him sound out words to write and I was so impressed with this "Go Braves" (GO BREAVZ) phonetic spelling.  Also, he told me that big number in the right hand corner are the points the Braves will score and the big dot at the end is a period!  How does he know how to write a period at the end of things?!  Also, you can see the baseball player he drew and that big round thing is the glove with a ball in it.  So proud of the learning this little guy is doing!