Monday, July 31, 2017

First Day of School!!!

Today was the first day of school and the kids were all beyond excited.  I was even feeling pretty excited and anxious. SO much so that I didn't sleep very well at all.  Thankfully, the adrenaline got everyone up this morning with no problems. 

All weekend Hudson had been saying that he was nervous or scared about school because he didn't know anyone, but he also was very excited and couldn't wait for the first day.  I was happy that his excitement won over this morning and he couldn't wait to get to school.  

I'm driving them in the morning due to a very early bus time and they will ride the bus home. 

I felt totally OK sending him into the school because Handley's hallway is very close to his room so I knew she would make sure he got there OK!  

When Handley started elementary school I was a nervous wreck.  We didn't know a single soul at that school. No neighbors, no friends, no teachers, no one! With Hudson though, we know tons of people, I know he'll have people looking out for him, and he's comfortable at the school.  I'm just sad because my baby is growing up. 

I felt a little sad when I watched him walk in the school, but did much better than I was expecting...until I ran into a friend later that day and then it hit me and the tears came.  

All day I kept wondering how they were all doing and hoping it was a great first day.  Thankfully, I kept myself busy and before I knew it, it was time to head to the bus stop.  

They were all smiles hopping off the bus and Hudson came up and gave me a huge hug.  They all had great days and couldn't wait to tell me all about their days.  From the sound of it, everyone loves their teachers and their new class.  They each gave me a play by play and Handley told me she gets to lunch just as Hudson's class is leaving and that he was so excited to see her today. 

Handley thinks her teacher is going to be tied for her very favorite ever, Harper loves her class and Hudson said Kindergarten was better than he was expecting, just very long.  I think we're off to a great start this school year and can't wait to see all of the wonderful things this year holds!

Back-To-School Meet & Greet

Last week the talk of the town was finding out what teachers our kids would have this school year.  Hudson got to find out a few days ahead of the girls because our school does a Kindergarten Popsicle Party the week before. He learned that he would be a Bear Cub and have the same teacher Harper had for Kindergarten!  We loved her and were so excited that he would have her also!

Then last Wednesday evening we got to learn the girls' teachers and they were over the moon when they saw the class lists!  Harper got one of Handley's previous teachers that we loved and Handley got one of the teachers she had hoped for!  Thursday morning they were SO excited to go meet their teachers and see their new classrooms.

Any sadness they had about summer being over went away as soon as they met their teachers.  They kept saying how excited they were and how they couldn't wait for the first day!  We are so thankful for amazing teachers and just know this is going to be a wonderful school year!

Last Minute Summer Fun

As summer was coming to a close we knew we had to squeeze in as much fun as possible the last couple of weeks.  It was busy and chaotic, but all sorts of fun!

We started off meeting old friends for lunch and some jumping one afternoon.  Our neighbors from our old hood will always be like family. We pick right off where we left off and the kids grew up together so they are all still so close!

Next, Harper went to visit her BFF who just recently moved out of state.  She got to stay with them for the weekend, and had so much fun that she didn't want to come back home.  We all miss her sweet friend, but are happy they are only 2 hours away so it is still manageable to meet up!

While she was off doing that we were at the lake for the weekend.  It also happened to be Walker's birthday so we had fun celebrating him.  He's 3!!!  

Six Flags was also on our summer to-do list and the kids earned free passes for reading during the school year.  They were about to expire so we picked a day and went.  It was hot, but oh so much fun.  

We ended our summer fun by spending as much time at the pool with friends as possible.  The summer flew by and seems super short this year, but we still managed to squeeze in tons of fun!

Hudson turns 6!!!

Hudson had been counting down to his birthday for months. He could hardly wait to turn 6 and when the day finally arrived he was super pumped about his party.  

He invited just a handful of friends to an arcade party and it was the perfect way to celebrate! 

He got to go in the ticket machine and played a bunch of games that gave him tickets, which he scored big time on!

There was also laser tag, bumper cars and all sorts of 6 year old boy fun!

As we were leaving to head home he said it was his best birthday ever and I was so happy he had a great time celebrating.

Since he and Papa's birthdays are only one day apart, we had them over for a birthday dinner and they blew out candles on the brownies together.

The next morning he requested donuts with candles and a family hike at the Sope Creek trails.

We ended the night visiting with my brothers!  Cameron was in town for the weekend and Trey's family came over, too! 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Houseboat Trip

Last week we returned from our summer vacation and this year we did another houseboat trip. It was quite the adventure and maybe that is because the newness had worn off from last year's trip, but it was still tons of fun.  We had sickness, injuries, boat malfunctions, and rowdy neighbors, but we made tons of great memories and will be talking about this trip for years to come.

The kids were so excited to reconnect with our friends and really wanted to have matching tank tops this year!  These were the perfect thing for them to wear!

We found our way to 76 Falls and parked there most of the week. It is such a beautiful backdrop and the kids love swimming through the waterfall so it was the perfect spot!

We did lots of jumping, swimming, sliding, relaxing, paddle boarding and all things fun in the water!

There were several days that we would take our boat out for a few hours at a time to get off the houseboat and for a change of scenery.  Lots of wake boarding, wake surfing, and tubing.  

Kathy and I decided that next year we need a vacation with a few more amenities or at least a dishwasher, but it was fun while it lasted!  

And, all of the time spent with some of our very favorite friends made all the mishaps worth it!