Monday, July 31, 2017

Back-To-School Meet & Greet

Last week the talk of the town was finding out what teachers our kids would have this school year.  Hudson got to find out a few days ahead of the girls because our school does a Kindergarten Popsicle Party the week before. He learned that he would be a Bear Cub and have the same teacher Harper had for Kindergarten!  We loved her and were so excited that he would have her also!

Then last Wednesday evening we got to learn the girls' teachers and they were over the moon when they saw the class lists!  Harper got one of Handley's previous teachers that we loved and Handley got one of the teachers she had hoped for!  Thursday morning they were SO excited to go meet their teachers and see their new classrooms.

Any sadness they had about summer being over went away as soon as they met their teachers.  They kept saying how excited they were and how they couldn't wait for the first day!  We are so thankful for amazing teachers and just know this is going to be a wonderful school year!

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