Thursday, August 28, 2014

Boosterthon 2014

Today was the Boosterthon Fun Run at the elementary school. This is the largest fundraiser they do and it is a big one.  The two week production they put on is pretty amazing and the great thing is that they end up raising a lot of money for our school. They do daily "team huddles" with the classes to learn about community and pep rallies and it is all topped off with the big run!  

Kindergarten was first thing this morning so Hudson and I went to cheer Harper on!  Each class is announced and they run out showing off their posters before getting ready to run.  

And then they are off!  The kids run between 30-35 laps (on a small track) and all of the parents line the sides to cheer them on, give them high-fives, and take part in the fun.

As the kids finish each lap their lap-counter gets marked so they can keep track of how many they run. 

It is a really upbeat and fun event complete with music and DJ's to keep the kids excited and motivated to run those laps!

After their run, Harper's class posed for a quick picture and enjoyed popsicles to help them cool off. :-)

 Then I ran Hudson to school real quick before heading back to watch the 2nd grade Boosterthon run.

Handley had fun running and was excited to see me each time she ran by.

She ran over 35 laps and was so tired at the end, but proud of how hard and fast she ran!

She also loved getting to run with her best friend from her class last year!

I also brought popsicles for Handley's class to help them cool off after the run and these kids are the sweetest bunch!

Now if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we decided to add even more fun.  Between a swimming playdate, a birthday tea party, cheer practice, dinner in the car on the run and squeezing in homework, I was wishing it was still summer.  We survived what might have been the busiest day ever.  We were all wiped out, but Hudson most of all because this is what he looked like during the entire cheer practice...sound asleep!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Anyone who is on Facebook has seen the numerous videos going around challenging friends to dumb a bucket of ice water on your head OR donate to ALS research. The kids and I have gotten a kick out of watching the videos over the past few weeks and I was kind of shocked that no one in our family had been nominated yet.  That all changed today though! Handley's friend, Avery, nominated her to take the challenge and of course she accepted. She also decided to challenge a lot of her friends and pass it on to Harper, who challenged friends and also passed it to Hudson.   The kids all had so much fun and I think it is a great memory for them to make as they learn about raising awareness and funds for important causes.

Another important thing they are trying to raise money for right now is for their school's fundraiser.  It's called BOOSTERTHON and it is a fun-run the kids take part in.  They are trying to get pledges for the laps they will run next week and any and every pledge/donation will help their school meet their goal.  The funds raised will be put towards transforming the library to be a top-notch 21st century learning commons.  It is such a fun and positive event for the kids.  Here is Handley running last year!

If anyone would like to make a pledge for the girls, just let me know!  You can donate a flat donation of a few dollars or you could pledge a set amount per lap (they will run about 30 laps). Email me for more details about how to pledge!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Surprise Lunch Date

Last year I just loved joining Handley for lunch at school. She got so excited to have me there with her friends and it was a special time one-on-one time for just us to be together.  She also loved when I brought Hudson and Harper on their days off of school.  I got to know the other kids her class and really feel connected to them also.  I usually tried to go have lunch with her once a week and I'm planning to do the same this year for both she and Harper. Unfortunately, their lunch times don't back up to each other so I will most likely end up going to the school cafeteria twice a week.  

Today was Harper's day!  The Kindergarten teachers asked that parents wait two weeks before having lunch with their kids so that the students could get used to the procedures and routines in the lunchroom.  That meant today was the first day parents were allowed to eat with their students.  I didn't tell Harper I was planning to go, so it was a big surprise to her when she saw me waiting by the cafeteria doors.  She was so surprised, excited and happy that I was there.  

I sat between she and her sweet friend and got a chance to talk to a lot of the kids around us, too. They all seemed to love having a visitor at the table and they all tried to talk to me pretty much non-stop.  Those kids LOVED to talk. :-)  

I was a little uncertain how Harper would be when I had to leave, but she gave me a big hug (and so did her sweet friend) and waved a happy goodbye!  It was such a fun little outing and I look forward to our lunch dates each week.  

Of course, Handley was a little jealous that I didn't come to lunch with her today, but her lunchtime happens to be right when I need to pick up Hudson from pre-school.  I promised her I would surprise her one day later this week, too!  

It took a few weeks, but I think we are finally getting settled into our school-schedule groove.  We come home from the bus stop, the girls eat like they haven't had anything for hours, we get started on homework and then get ready for whatever activities we might have going on.  This afternoon they practiced their cheers together and then we all ate a quick dinner before heading out to cheer practice.  They looked so cute out there practicing and had the best time. I must say I was a little happy when practice was stopped 15 minutes early because of the rain because it meant we got home and I got everyone to bed early!  

They both have made friends with several of the girls and knew some from last year, too, so I think it will be a fun season for both of them!  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A trip to the ER

What started out as a great weekend quickly went south when Robby calmly came in the house and said I needed to take him to the hospital this afternoon.  He had been outside doing yard work when the chainsaw he was using cut his leg pretty badly.  I rushed the kids to the car and we all rushed to the ER.  I was panicked and worried, but felt a little better after the person who checked us in took a look and bandaged it and said it wasn't as bad as it looked.  Still, after waiting over an hour and with Robby in a lot of pain, we were anxious to see a doctor.  After more careful examination the Dr. told us Robby got very lucky.  Although the cut was deep, he didn't cut into the muscle so 12 staples and a few prescriptions later, we were sent on our way home.  I was so thankful for the iPads that kept the kids entertained through the whole ordeal and SO grateful that Robby's injury wasn't worse. It could have been SO much worse.  In two weeks he will be good as he'll have a new scar with a great story to go along with it.

 (Here, the kids are watching Mary Poppins on the iPad while we wait on the doctor. I will spare y'all the picture of the actual one needs to see that!)

In other news...yesterday Handley had her first spelling test in second grade and the words were tricky (compared to her first grade word lists) and there were a lot of them.  Bless her heart, she got my bad spelling genes and after studying Thursday night she was feeling frustrated and doubtful.  We got up extra early before school to study and that did the trick because she got them all correct and was so proud of her accomplishment. I was definitely proud of her!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hudson's First Day of Pre-School

Hudson woke up ready and excited for his first day of school today.  He kept asking all morning if it was time to go and was so happy when I finally said yes!  I felt pretty confident about how he would do today, but still was holding my breath a little knowing how last year went. However, as we waited in the hallway for the classroom doors to open he was jumping up and down with excitement.  He was the first one to run right in as soon as his teachers opened the doors.   When I picked him up 3 hours later he was talking non-stop about all of the fun he had and telling me all about his day and how he was a good listener!

We celebrated with lunch and a milkshake at Chick-fil-a and then went home to do a few things.  That's when he completely shocked me and FINALLY went poop on the potty.  We have been dealing with this for almost two months now so today was a really BIG deal.  I had tried every tip and trick I could read about and had been bribing him with all sorts of treats.  What he wanted most was a super hero cape.  I had just over an hour until the bus would arrive with the girls, so you better believe we loaded right back up in the car and hit the town searching for the perfect one.

To say he was happy would be an understatement.  He put that thing on as soon as we walked out of the store and didn't take it off for 6 hours!!!  He wore it to get the girls off the bus, during our playdate, at cheerleading practice and to eat his dinner.  He took it off to get a bath (but only because he didn't want it to get wet) and then he put it right back on to sleep.

I am always a bit sad when I think about my baby not being a baby anymore, but I sure am loving this little boy phase!

Friday, August 8, 2014


Today was not only Friday, but it was also the first Spirit Day at school so the girls were really excited.  Being the night owl mama that I am, I was excited that it meant we could all sleep in tomorrow.  Mornings are not my thing, but we have done great this week getting up, ready, and to the bus stop early each morning.  On the other hand, the girls both told me this morning that they wished they could go to school on the weekends, too.  I'm taking that as a really good sign as to how their first week was.

A little recap of this week...we have eased into homework and jumped feet first into cheerleading practices and we are all slowly getting into our school year groove.

Today Handley's teacher invited the parents in to watch the presentations the kids were giving.  They each had to bring in a few items that would show their classmates about themselves and explain the meaning of those items.  She was happy to see Hudson and I there and did a great job sharing.

From there we went to the pre-school to meet Hudson's teachers.  Thankfully, we already knew them because he will be having the SAME teachers he did last year.  They not only teach the young two-day twos, but they also teach the young three-day threes.  After the rough transition he had last year, I'm thrilled to know he will already feel comfortable with them and hoping his going back to school won't be a big deal at all.  And, look how great he was writing the letter "H" on his bag this morning!

I prayed that the girls would meet sweet friends this year in their classes and so far we are off to a great start.  Both of them have already become fast friends with sweet, sweet girls and I couldn't be more thankful.  Harper's teacher sent me this picture of her with her new friend this afternoon.  I loved it and I just keep having more and more wonderful signs about how awesome this school year will be for all three kids!

Monday, August 4, 2014

First Day of School

Today was the day...the first day of school!  The kids all went to bed early last night and that gave me time to pack lunches, get their backpacks and things in order and mentally prepare myself for the start of a new year.

They woke up happy this morning and ready to take on Kindergarten and Second Grade!

The whole idea of the bus is really new to us this year so I wasn't sure how it would go. Handley really wanted to ride the bus though and was being so sweet and protective to help Harper feel excited, too!

It turned out to be great and after waiting for just a few minutes the bus showed up, they both hopped on with big smiles, and just like that, they were off and on their way.

I think the hardest thing is just sending them on their way and then waiting for 8 hours to see their faces again.  I definitely had a lump in my throat as the bus pulled away, and just prayed that they would still be smiling just as big when they got off this afternoon.

Hudson, bless his heart, asked about every 20 minutes if it was time to go get the girls yet. He missed them terribly and was pretty bored with just me for entertainment.  When it was finally time to head to the bus stop this afternoon he was so happy.  I had heard stories from other moms not to panic if the bus is late the first week or so and especially on the first day because it is all so new and at school they want to be sure the kids are all on the correct buses, etc. before they send them on their way.  I was happy we didn't have to wait too long and Mr. James is proving to be pretty punctual already.  Seeing that big yellow bus drive up was maybe the best part of my day. I couldn't wait to see the girls!

I was so happy to bring them home and have all three kids reunited.  They came right in and the girls started to dish on the details of their days. Both loved their teachers, met new friends, and were really, really happy.  That is all I could ask for and I'm hoping day 2 goes just as smoothly!