Thursday, August 28, 2014

Boosterthon 2014

Today was the Boosterthon Fun Run at the elementary school. This is the largest fundraiser they do and it is a big one.  The two week production they put on is pretty amazing and the great thing is that they end up raising a lot of money for our school. They do daily "team huddles" with the classes to learn about community and pep rallies and it is all topped off with the big run!  

Kindergarten was first thing this morning so Hudson and I went to cheer Harper on!  Each class is announced and they run out showing off their posters before getting ready to run.  

And then they are off!  The kids run between 30-35 laps (on a small track) and all of the parents line the sides to cheer them on, give them high-fives, and take part in the fun.

As the kids finish each lap their lap-counter gets marked so they can keep track of how many they run. 

It is a really upbeat and fun event complete with music and DJ's to keep the kids excited and motivated to run those laps!

After their run, Harper's class posed for a quick picture and enjoyed popsicles to help them cool off. :-)

 Then I ran Hudson to school real quick before heading back to watch the 2nd grade Boosterthon run.

Handley had fun running and was excited to see me each time she ran by.

She ran over 35 laps and was so tired at the end, but proud of how hard and fast she ran!

She also loved getting to run with her best friend from her class last year!

I also brought popsicles for Handley's class to help them cool off after the run and these kids are the sweetest bunch!

Now if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we decided to add even more fun.  Between a swimming playdate, a birthday tea party, cheer practice, dinner in the car on the run and squeezing in homework, I was wishing it was still summer.  We survived what might have been the busiest day ever.  We were all wiped out, but Hudson most of all because this is what he looked like during the entire cheer practice...sound asleep!

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Gigi said...

What a day!! I feel like taking a nap whith Hudson just hearing about it!congratulations to the runners Handley and Harper! And the runners rounder Mom CB