Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Anyone who is on Facebook has seen the numerous videos going around challenging friends to dumb a bucket of ice water on your head OR donate to ALS research. The kids and I have gotten a kick out of watching the videos over the past few weeks and I was kind of shocked that no one in our family had been nominated yet.  That all changed today though! Handley's friend, Avery, nominated her to take the challenge and of course she accepted. She also decided to challenge a lot of her friends and pass it on to Harper, who challenged friends and also passed it to Hudson.   The kids all had so much fun and I think it is a great memory for them to make as they learn about raising awareness and funds for important causes.

Another important thing they are trying to raise money for right now is for their school's fundraiser.  It's called BOOSTERTHON and it is a fun-run the kids take part in.  They are trying to get pledges for the laps they will run next week and any and every pledge/donation will help their school meet their goal.  The funds raised will be put towards transforming the library to be a top-notch 21st century learning commons.  It is such a fun and positive event for the kids.  Here is Handley running last year!

If anyone would like to make a pledge for the girls, just let me know!  You can donate a flat donation of a few dollars or you could pledge a set amount per lap (they will run about 30 laps). Email me for more details about how to pledge!  carriebethposener@yahoo.com

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