Monday, August 4, 2014

First Day of School

Today was the day...the first day of school!  The kids all went to bed early last night and that gave me time to pack lunches, get their backpacks and things in order and mentally prepare myself for the start of a new year.

They woke up happy this morning and ready to take on Kindergarten and Second Grade!

The whole idea of the bus is really new to us this year so I wasn't sure how it would go. Handley really wanted to ride the bus though and was being so sweet and protective to help Harper feel excited, too!

It turned out to be great and after waiting for just a few minutes the bus showed up, they both hopped on with big smiles, and just like that, they were off and on their way.

I think the hardest thing is just sending them on their way and then waiting for 8 hours to see their faces again.  I definitely had a lump in my throat as the bus pulled away, and just prayed that they would still be smiling just as big when they got off this afternoon.

Hudson, bless his heart, asked about every 20 minutes if it was time to go get the girls yet. He missed them terribly and was pretty bored with just me for entertainment.  When it was finally time to head to the bus stop this afternoon he was so happy.  I had heard stories from other moms not to panic if the bus is late the first week or so and especially on the first day because it is all so new and at school they want to be sure the kids are all on the correct buses, etc. before they send them on their way.  I was happy we didn't have to wait too long and Mr. James is proving to be pretty punctual already.  Seeing that big yellow bus drive up was maybe the best part of my day. I couldn't wait to see the girls!

I was so happy to bring them home and have all three kids reunited.  They came right in and the girls started to dish on the details of their days. Both loved their teachers, met new friends, and were really, really happy.  That is all I could ask for and I'm hoping day 2 goes just as smoothly!

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Stefanie said...

Can't believe Harper is in kindergarten this year! Handley looked so sweet leading her by the hand to the bus. So glad their first week is off to a great start! I am definitely not ready for that phase yet ;)