Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Home Run Hudson

Hudson had a great baseball season this spring and sadly it has come to an end.  He loves baseball so much and it has been so fun of me to see him really excel and something he loves. 

He is always wanting to practice and begs me to throw with him or pitch to him daily.  We spent a lot of time in our driveway practicing and also at the batting cages.  His goal was to hit a home run this seasons and last weekend his dream came true!  

 The very first pitch at his very first at bat during one the tournament games he knocked one so are that it ended up at the very edge of the fence in right field. As soon as he hit it I thought it might be a foul, but when I realized it was good I was hopping this would be his chance.  He ran his little heart out and rounded the bases and his coaches were sending him on to home plate.  As he was running from third to home I swear I saw him look over at the stands and give a big smile.  Robby and I both jumped up to run over and tell him congrats!

He told us later that when he got to third he was thinking "the time as finally come" for his big home run and he told me on the way home that, "It feels really good to hit a home run!"

The next day was his last game and it happened to fall on Mother's Day. It only seemed appropriate since we'd spent so much time together, just he and I, working to help him get better all season long. He loves baseball and I love watching him do something he loves and that he is really good at!

As soon as the baseball game was over we made our way to see Harper's second soccer game of the day!  A day filled with sports was the very best way to spend my Mother's Day and I wouldn't have planned it any differently! 

Kentucky Derby

 A few weeks ago we had the amazing opportunity to head to Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby!  It was something I never would have imagined doing and it was so much fun!  We went with some friends and all rode together in a big van.  We had some trouble getting started, but after our road trip began it was all fun from there on!  We even stopped for ice cream!

Our first day in Kentucky we spent the morning zip lining though a mega cavern. It was definitely not for the faint of heart.  We braved it out though and ended up having a great time. 

Next, all the girls in the group got to be pampered all afternoon.  We enjoyed the spa, went hat shopping and took in the sights at the gorgeous hotels.  

The girls were texting me and wanting to see a picture of my hat so I sent them a quick photo. 

Then they sent me pictures of the hats they had made with Gigi!  It was such a cute project for them and they wore them while they watched the Derby the next day. 

We stopped for a quick drink at one of the hotels and I tasted my first mint julep!  Then we made our way back to the house we were staying at for the night.  

We woke up the next morning excited and ready to experience all the Derby had in store.  It was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop us! 

I just loved seeing everyone all dressed up! That was one of my favorite parts about the Kentucky Derby.  

I didn't realize there were going to be horse races all day long, but it was so fun to get there early and see them.

By afternoon the sun came out and the stand began to fill up a little more.  We had a few more rain storms, but for the most part the afternoon was much better than the morning.

We were in a suite, so we stayed nice and dry.  The top floor was open, but they had large tents set up so we were able to enjoy and experience it without getting wet.

We all put in a few dollars and bet on some races all day long which was fun because it gave us a horse to cheer for each time!  When it was time for the actual Derby we were all so excited to cheer for our favorites.

As soon as it started the crowds went crazy and then before you knew it, it was over.  The quickest two minutes in sports! 

It was such a neat experience and a really fun trip! Who knows if we will ever get to attend again, but this was definitely a bucket list type of event and we had a blast. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Aquarium Field Trip

A few weeks ago I got to accompany Handley's class on a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium.  It was a beautiful day and as soon as we arrived we ate lunch outdoors!  

We've been there many times before, but on this visit we got a different point of view with a behind the scenes tour and lessons relating to what the kids were learning at school.  

First up though we got to tour around with the kids and see all of the exhibits.  It doesn't matter how many times you walk in to see this large tank, it takes your breath away.  It was so fun to see the kids that had never been to the aquarium before.  They were in absolute awe.

Then Handley spotted a sea turtle, her favorite animal, and was jumping up and down with excitement.

He wasn't slowing down, but she followed him down the entire tank so she could get a picture. 

After checking out all the exhibits it as our time to meet up with the tour guide that would be leading the educational part of the field trip.  We saw this cute guy on our way there though! 

The kids learned about feeding at the aquarium and food webs.  We got to see above the large tanks and it was neat to see that perspective because it looked totally different than what the public sees.

It was a really fantastic field trip and I was so happy to get to spend the day with Handley!