Monday, August 29, 2016

Boosterthon 2016

Last week was the annual Boosterthon Fundraiser at our school.  The kids get pledges and run as many laps as they can in about an hour.  The laps are small, but the kids run their hearts out.  Both girls ran over 50 laps this year!!!

Harper loves to run, so this fundraiser is perfect for her.  She didn't take time to slow down at all.  She just kept on going.

For the 4th and 5th graders the fun run gets transformed into a color run.  Even the principal is a good sport and gets covered with color.

The kids were really looking forward to this and they had the best time.  Many of them would slow down at the color stations to get more color on themselves.  I was a little worried about Handley's hair after Harper's last color experience, but she wore a hat and was good!

Friday, August 19, 2016


I feel like I've bene MIA around here on my blog.  Truth is we've just been so busy that I have hardly had time to sit down.  The hours Hudson is in school seems to fly by with errands and chores and then as soon as the kids are home from school I feel like I'm running a marathon.  Homework is always up first, followed by a quick wardrobe change and then we are off to our activities for the evening.  I though we were going to be simplifying a bit having the kids each choose one sport to take part in this year, but since they have gotten more involved with their chosen sports, that means multiple practices a week.  Pretty much we have something every single day.  Throw that in with back to school stuff and we've not had a spare second! They love it though and I love watching them do what they love so for now it's working.  Just makes for long afternoons and evenings and a lot of dinners on the run, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Handley and her new allstar cheer squad have started practicing together two days a week and she LOVES it so much.  The girls are all really sweet and she is so excited about this year with them.

She is also continuing got do her stunt and tumbling classes and doing SO great.  She just got her back handspring this week, which is something she has been working hard on for SO long.  I was so proud of her when her coach sent me the video!

This guy is pretty much baseball obsessed and it is SO cute.  He wishes he had practice every day.  :-)  He liked playing soccer, but I he was never as committed and excited about it as he is with baseball. His coach is great and I can see Hudson really trying to take the instruction and work to make himself better.  Can't wait until their first game in a few weeks!

He also has a serious game face!  Haha!  He means business when he's ready for practice.

Harper has continued to have soccer practice and still seems to really be liking her new team. I haven't gotten many pictures of her because I usually have to drop her off and run another kid to another practice.  She had a friend over to spend the night last weekend though and they made an Olympic rings treat! 

 Open house was last week at the school a few nights and I was able to go and hear from the teachers more about this school year.  I love both of their teachers and I know it will be a good school year for them.  When I walked into Handley's class we saw these cute balloon people they had made. She even gave herself a colorful manicure! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hudson's First Day of School

Because the girls started school last week and Hudson had heard all of the hype behind back to school he kept asking when he would be going back.  He only had to wait a week longer than them, but he was ready.  He woke up excited and ready to go on his first day and couldn't wait to get to his class.

This year his teachers are really big on independence and getting these kids ready for Kindergarten.  We got to walk them to their class for two days and then after that we are expected to either do carpool or say goodbye at the end of the hall and watch from their as they walk to their class, hang up their bag, etc.  I walked Hudson down the first day, but yesterday he was on his own and did great.

I peeked in the class after he was settled just to make sure he was OK and he sat down and got right to work.  

When I picked him up a few hours later he was all smiles.  He couldn't wait to tell me that he got to go on the BIG playground and about all the fun they had.  This week's theme is Pete the Cat, which he loves.  Thumbs up for a great first day! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend in Review

Last Friday Harper's class was giving presentations and the parents were invited to come watch.  Each student brought five items that represented something about themselves and talked about it to the class.  Harper's 5 items were a stuffed dog because she has a dog, a shell because she loves the beach, a toy owl because owl's are her favorite animal, her soccer trophy because she loves to play soccer and an aqua colored pencil because that is her favorite color.  She did a great job presenting to the class.

From there Hudson and I went over to his school for his meet and greet!  He was so excited. Since the girls started last week he had been waiting for his turn.  They completed a little art project, did a scavenger hunt around the class and did some fun finger plays with his teacher.  He starts this morning and I'm so excited for him!

Our weekend was pretty busy. We went out to dinner with friends on Friday, Hudson's baseball skills evaluation was Saturday and the girls both had playdates.  Sunday was church followed by a birthday party and playdate for Hudson and Handley's first all-star cheer practice. We also squeezed in lots of Olympics watching, too.  The weekend went by way too quickly, but we're excited about another great week ahead!

Monday, August 1, 2016

First Day of School

Today was the first day of the school for the girls!  Harper was super excited and couldn't wait for this day and Handley was happy about her teacher and her class, but still wanted a bit more summer.  Both girls picked out outfits that would be appropriate for PE and also had me paint their nails. Last night Harper had the hardest time falling asleep because she just was so happy about 2nd grade!

This morning everyone was all smiles.  They got up happy, put on the outfits they had picked out and ate a great breakfast before heading to the bus stop.

I think one of the hardest things about being a mom is sending them to school on the first day and wondering all 7 1/2 hours how they are doing? I wonder if their teachers are warm and welcoming, if they are making new friends and who they are sitting with at lunch.  The absolute best part of my day was when I saw their smiling faces hopping of the bus this afternoon and then listening all about the fun they had.

Then we hit the ground running.  They quickly worked on their homework assignments and got changed so we could rush to tumbling, we ate a quick dinner out at Zaxby's then went to Handley's cheer practice and finally back home to get ready for day 2.  It's a crazy fun time, but knowing they both had a great 1st day and knowing how loving their teachers are makes me know it will be a great year for both of them.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Soccer and Baseball

Harper has been looking forward to hear Jr. Academy soccer camp all summer long!  Not all of the girls were in town, but the ones that were got together last week Monday - Thursday to start practicing and learning a lot!

Their camp was from 5:30-8:30 and even though it was held in the evening, it was still hot!!!

I would drop Harper off each evening and then come back in time to watch their scrimmages at the end of the camp.

Her coach is great and she has already learned so much in the sort time she has been with her team.  She's excited for real practices to get started. 

Thursday evening we had bad storms so their camp was cancelled that day, but there were two make-up days that we were able to go to and Harper wanted to go to both!  

After Saturday's make-up day they were all hot and super red-faced so their coach offered them a "hose-head."  Basically that consists of putting your head under a hose and they all loved it. What a fun way to cool off and end their hard work.  She was soaked, but I'm sure it felt great. 

In other news, our baseball loving little guy has been practicing every chance he gets.  Mimi is in town and stayed with us for a few days so she played lots of ball with Hudson.

Then Harper's friend's older brother who is a super-start baseball player came over to help Hudson out, too!  He loved that and I think he learned a lot.

As much as I love summer and don't want it to end, I'm so excited about fall sports starting back up and can't wait to watch my kids do what they love and cheer them on from the sidelines!

Meet & Greet 2016

Meet and Greet for this year happened today and we couldn't be more happy with our teachers.  Last night I had to be at the school to help with PTA when the class lists were posted.  Harper ran right out to check for her name on the list and she was SO happy to learn that her BFF would also be in her class again this year!!!  They were so cute and so excited. 

Today we came with little gifts for our teachers and couldn't wait to meet them and see the girls' new classrooms.

We sort of already knew Harper's teacher.  She taught Handley in her after school yoga class last year and is so sweet. I know she will be a great fit for Harper and I'm so excited about this year for her.  In fact, while I was helping out with things today, Harper made her way back down to her classroom to help organize books, which she loved!

Handley's teacher is experienced and is such a kind soul.  I could tell from the moment we stated talking to her that she has such a caring personality and that she really loves these kids.

We are so excited about what this year holds and can't wait to dive into 2nd and 4th grade!!!