Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

After having two school parties, a play group party, and the neighborhood fall festival, Handley was excited for the real trick-or-treating day to finally arrive.  She kept telling Harper all about the candy they would get and just what they needed to do at each door.

When I picked Handley up from school I noticed her eye looked a little red so we made a stop by the minute clinic to have it checked out.  Turns out she has pink eye in both eyes...just in time for Halloween.  I'm glad it was just that and very easily treated with some eye drops.  With the exception of a little eye irritation, she feels totally fine.  We had to cancel our plans of dinner and trick-or-treating with friends, but she took that news better than I expected.  (She's actually doing great with remembering not to touch Hudson or Harper, washing her hands anytime she touches her face, etc.)  24 hours on eye drops and she won't be contagious anymore, but I'm actually kind of glad to have a day at home with all 3 kids tomorrow since Handley won't be at school.

That little bump in the road didn't stop us from having fun though.  After an early dinner we waited outside for Robby to get home and then we were off to trick-or-treat.  At each house the girls would walk back to us in amazement that they just got more candy.

We made it down our street and their bags were full.  It was good timing because Hudson was ready for bed.  While I was putting him to bed the girls helped pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters at our house and I think they had just as much fun doing that as they did trick-or-treating themselves.  Both were exhausted by the time they got in bed tonight and not even all the candy they ate could keep them awake.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Neighborhood Fall Festival

Today was our neighborhood fall festival and costume parade.  The kids were excited about dressing up again and getting to see all of their friends in their costumes too.  The morning started out really chilly, but thankfully it warmed up and everyone had a great time!

Parading around the playground
After parading around we enjoyed lots of sweets and got ready to watch the dad's potato sack race.  As usual, it was lots of entertainment as we watched them battle it out for first place.  There was actually some talk about whether or not Robby won because he was the first to cross the finish line standing up (others took a fall/leap towards the end) but I encouraged them to give it to the others because the prize was a GIANT teddy bear (as big as me) and we honestly just don't have anywhere to put it.

Next up was a train ride and both girls thought that was tons of fun.  Handley rode alone with her friends and Harper was happy to ride with Jake, Reece, and their mommy, Christy.  The train took them out of the parking lot and down one of the neighborhood streets.  As they came back down in the parking lot Harper's train car got so excited to wave to someone they knew.  It was so cute.

Lastly we enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch before heading home for naps.  It was a great event and so much fun for the kids.  They were excited that Gigi and Papa were able to come and that Mimi was able to be there with us for just a little bit before heading off to catch her flight home.

Costume Party

Last night Trey and Stefanie hosted a costume party and since my mom was in town Robby and were able to go.  I put Hudson to bed and then we were ready to go.  Robby had been scheming about his costume for a few days.  When he told me he was headed to Wal-Mart to get giant trash bags I was a little curious, but his "Tool Bag" idea made everyone crack up.  HA!  Mine was a last minute thing, but I decided that I'd go as a construction girl to sort of go along with his.  

Brian and Lisa were clowns and Bryce and Sarah went as a flapper and gangster.

 Trey and Stef were so cute as the Jeannie and Captain from I dream of Jeannie.  Jen and Justen looked AWESOME in their Snookie/Jersey Shore costumes.

There were also a lot of Trey and Stefanie's neighbor's there and a lot of creative costumes.  It was fun seeing everyone dressed up and how all out they went.  Stefanie did a great job with all of the decorations and yummy food and it was really fun for us to hang out with everyone.  A big thanks to Mimi for keeping the kids so we could have a night out.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our New Boat!!!

Anyone who knows us, knows that we love being out on the water, boating, and water sports.  We recently sold our old and too small boat hoping to be able to upgrade to something a little newer, a little bigger, and a little nicer.  After Robby spent countless hours looking online and test driving a few different ones we settled on one that we bought last weekend.  While Mimi and I took the kids to Northpoint Mall for a little fun, Robby picked it up this morning.

We all arrived back home about the same time and had fun sitting on the new boat and checking out all of the SPACE!!!  I know we are going to enjoy this boat for many years and now that we so much more seating we can't wait to have lots of friends out on the lake with us without feeling so crowded.

A day full of parties

Today was a day full of parties.  This morning was Handley's fall party at school.  She was thrilled to wear her Little Red Riding Hood costume and I couldn't wait to see her dressed up in her class with all of her friends.

 Her teachers also dressed up, which all the kids loved.  They were Peace and Quiet!  So creative and I thought it was such a great idea.

 Her party had a pizza lunch, fruit, cupcakes and lots of fun.  After lunch they all made orange and black bead bracelets and then played pin-the-nose on the jack-o-lantern.

Alex and Handley - Alex lives in our neighborhood and he and Handley are in the same Pre-K class

While I was at Handley's party, Mimi took Harper and Hudson to Harper's gymnastics class.  She has recently moved up to the big kid class (previously she did the mommy and me class).  She is SO proud and excited to be doing the class by herself and following along with the teachers.  I'm impressed by how well she follows directions and does exactly what she is supposed to be doing.

Later that day we hosted our playgroup's Halloween party.  We did many of the same activities I had planned for their school parties and enjoyed lots of yummy snacks too.

These two BFF's were excited to be dressed like twins.
Our attempt at a group picture

My friend, Christy, made these awesome pumpkin cookies for all of the kids at the party!

After the party Trey and Stefanie came over for dinner and to visit for a little while.  Uncle Trey did is usual job of getting the girls totally wound up right before bed, but I have a hard time stopping him because they just have SO much fun with him.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Harper's Fall Party

Today was Harper's Fall Party at school and she was excited to wear her costume.  This year she is going to dress up as Goldilocks.  I found the costume on clearance at Party City and figured she had the perfect hair so we'd go with it.  This morning as she was getting dressed I said, "Harper, get your shoes on."  She then told me, "Me not Harper, me Goldilocks."  She continued to correct me all morning long, so she was definitely taking her role seriously. :-)

Harper had a great time with all of her friends at the party, especially her favorite guy, Parker (the lion next to her). As the room mom, I helped organized and plan her class party.  They had a pizza and fruit lunch followed by pumpkin and bat cookies for dessert.

Next up was a sticker craft and then they played pin-the-nose on the jack-o-lantern.

My mom is in town this week and we are really enjoying her being here!  The weather has been so beautiful this week and we've been taking advantage of it and playing outside a lot.  Harper is really into looking through the mail and in the picture below she was examining a catalog that came.  Hudson is checking out a Halloween card he received from Gigi and Papa in the mail.

Today Mimi was able to watch Hudson for me while I went to Harper's party, so I didn't have to worry about keeping him happy and could just focus on Harper.  I know she enjoyed all the attention. Tomorrow is Handley's party and she can't wait to dress up too!