Monday, May 30, 2016

Baseball Fever

A few weeks ago a friend mine asked me if I would be interested in signing up Hudson for a baseball camp with her son.  Hudson has been begging to play baseball and I figured this two day camp would be a good way for him to see if he really liked it or not.  He woke up bright and early ready to go and after the first day he was in LOVE with baseball.  

On the first day he was selected as one of the campers of the day and he got these wrist bands as a prize.  He hasn't taken them off since!  All that afternoon and evening all he wanted to do was play baseball. 

While he was at camp, the girls and I had two girls days.  We went shopping, when to lunch, got our  nails done and just had lots of girl time.  It was super fun and something that we don't get to do near enough! 

We had very little plans for Memorial Day weekend.  In fact, I think this was the first holiday weekend in about 8 years that we weren't at our lake house.  These two were able to find plenty to keep them entertained though! 

We did go to the lake on Saturday for the day and enjoyed the warm weather.  The kids had fun swimming and playing in the water and so did Walker!  

It was busy, but we found a quiet area for Handley to wakeboard for a little bit before the boats found us.  

The rest of our weekend was pretty low-key.  We did go over to a friends pool to swim and grill out last night and then today we have just been around the house getting some stuff done.  We have a busy and exciting week ahead of us, so a little down time has been nice!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

End of Year Parties and Last Day of School

The past two weeks have just about done me in.  Between end of the year programs, organizing teacher gifts, planning end of the year parties and just regular life on top of that I have felt like I was barely keeping my head above water.  The good news is that it's over. We're done with school for the summer and we couldn't be more excited.  

On Monday Harper's class had their end of the year party.  We planned for an ice cream party and the kids all loved making their own sundaes.  We wrapped up the last little bit with a water balloon toss!

Tuesday was a repeat of the party for Handley's class, but without the water balloons.  They still had lots of fun though and her teacher gave out awards to each of the kids.  She got the "Dancing Queen" award and it was pretty appropriate for her!

The last day of school was on Wednesday and we were so excited!  I love comparing the beginning and end of year photos.

As the kids got off bus the moms all were ready to blast them with water balloons!  They knew it was coming and ran off ready to attack us, too.

After that we went over to a friend's pool to celebrate the start of summer!  We had lots of fun, lots of swimming, lots of friends and lots of fun!  It was the perfect way to kick off summer!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Saturday Fun and Luke Bryan Concert

This past Saturday was the first day we had nothing!  While I love cheering on my kids at their sporting events, it is nice to wake up and not have to rush anywhere.  We were able to take it easy, get things done around the house, and just let the kids play and have fun.  They wanted to put on their swimsuits and play in the water so of course I said, YES!!!  Who needs a pool when you have a five gallon bucket of water and water guns.  They had so much fun, until it turned into a fight, but it was fun while it lasted.  

That evening Robby and I got to go to the Luke Bryan concert.  Little Big Town opened up for him and we had the best time.

When we arrived we learned that we had meet and greet passes, which was amazing!  We got to have about 30 seconds with him before being ushered on in line, but we got to have something autographed and have a picture! 

Little Big Town was so great to see perform live. I love them and their music and they were really entertaining.

Of course Luke Bryan puts on a great show and our seats were so close we had a great view!

It was such a fun night and we loved getting to sneak out for some date night fun!

Hudson's Last Day of School

Last week was Hudson's last week of school.  His fun teachers planned special activities all week long for his class and they started off the week with sports day!  Each student got to wear their favorite sports team shirt or jersey and of course Hudson picked his UGA jersey.  Also on this day he got to sing some of his end of the year songs in chapel.  All of the kids going to the young fives program next year performed their songs in a special ceremony and I loved hearing him sing!  

Tuesday was PJ day and Wednesday was Wacky Day.  He was most excited about wacky day and in fact he had planned his outfit for this day on the weekend.  He was so excited to wear his "pull up socks" and his shirt inside out.

On Thursday morning, his last day of school, he woke up with a high fever and just really didn't feel like himself.  I had to make him stay home from school, but he was really disappointed that he had to miss.  He rallied mid-morning and I took him to his class party just long enough to give his teacher's their gifts and wish them a happy summer.  They were so great for him this year.  He always loved school, but they really thought him to love to learn and for that I will be forever grateful.  They sparked something in him that I hope will continue!

Poor thing. His rally didn't last long.  A few hours later I knew it was too quiet and when I went to look for him I found him like this.

The next day I ended up taking him to the doctor and it turns out he had strep!  I hated he had to miss his last day of school, but was happy that it was an easy fix and after 24 hours on antibiotics he was filling much better!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Field Day, Last Games and Grad Party

If I've said it once I've said it a million times.  The last few weeks of school are always the craziest and this week/weekend is no exception.  

Friday started off with Field Day at the girls' school.  Harper was literally beside herself with excitement and she could not wait.  She actually came and woke me up on Friday morning because she had woken up so excited.  

I was able to volunteer at one of the stations and while I didn't get to see them too much, I did get to say a quick hi and grab a quick pic of them with their friends.  

Friday night Handley had a playdate with her friend and Harper had a playdate here that ended up turning into a sleepover.  The girls went to bed great though because they knew we had to be up early the next morning for Harper's last soccer game of the spring season.  I think having her BFF there was good luck because she played great, scored a goal, had two other almost goals and her team came out on top.  

We had a little down time at home before getting ready for Hudson's last game of the season.  His team had a pizza party and got trophies, which he was SO excited about.  

After that we ran home to change and get ready for our neighbor Olivia's graduation party.  She has been our babysitter the past few years and has been such a positive role model for all of my kids, but for the girls especially.  She's so sweet, really involved in church and school, and the perfect person for my kids to look up to.  Hudson has a crush on her and runs up to give her hugs every time he sees her.  She's going to be attending UGA next fall and we couldn't be more proud of her.  We were very excited to help her celebrate her high school graduation and her party was tons of fun.  They had an ice cream truck which my kids took full advantage of and they had a waffle and hash brown bar compliments of Waffle House.  That is our kind of party!  We also had lots of fun in the photo booth with all of the props.  

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sibley Pond Field Trip

 Every year the first grade classes take a walking field trip to Sibley Pond, located in the Sope Creek part of the Chattahoochee National Recreational Area.  The have a police escort as they make their way and this year I got to help chaperone Harper's class.

It was a very chilly morning and we were having unusually cold temps.  Everyone was bundled up and excited when we arrived!

A park ranger gave the kids all sorts of information about the park, the pond life, the forest, etc.

Then the kids were splint into groups and got to sort through leaves that were scooped up from the edge of the pond. They were supposed to be looking for small critters, bugs, etc.  

Harper loved looking through the magnifying glass to help her find something.  

And it worked because she found a tadpole!

Then her friend found one, too!  

It was a fun morning with my girl and I'm so happy I got to go with them! 

In other news, Hudson got to take a book in to read to his class and his sweet teacher videoed it and took a picture to send me.  He did so good! 

Handley received some exciting news this week.  She had applied to be a candidate for one of the student council officer positions.  They had to fill out an application, answer a few essay questions, get a teacher recommendation and then a panel of teachers selected 5 kids for each position.  There were 90 kids total that applied and she got picked as one of the 5 for the historian position (which is the one she wanted).  She was SO excited and has been working hard to get her posters and fliers ready that are due on Monday, along with working on her speech that she has to give on the morning announcements next week.

She even recruited a volunteer for her campaign.  :-) I'll share more details about her poster and cute little handouts next week!