Monday, May 16, 2016

Field Day, Last Games and Grad Party

If I've said it once I've said it a million times.  The last few weeks of school are always the craziest and this week/weekend is no exception.  

Friday started off with Field Day at the girls' school.  Harper was literally beside herself with excitement and she could not wait.  She actually came and woke me up on Friday morning because she had woken up so excited.  

I was able to volunteer at one of the stations and while I didn't get to see them too much, I did get to say a quick hi and grab a quick pic of them with their friends.  

Friday night Handley had a playdate with her friend and Harper had a playdate here that ended up turning into a sleepover.  The girls went to bed great though because they knew we had to be up early the next morning for Harper's last soccer game of the spring season.  I think having her BFF there was good luck because she played great, scored a goal, had two other almost goals and her team came out on top.  

We had a little down time at home before getting ready for Hudson's last game of the season.  His team had a pizza party and got trophies, which he was SO excited about.  

After that we ran home to change and get ready for our neighbor Olivia's graduation party.  She has been our babysitter the past few years and has been such a positive role model for all of my kids, but for the girls especially.  She's so sweet, really involved in church and school, and the perfect person for my kids to look up to.  Hudson has a crush on her and runs up to give her hugs every time he sees her.  She's going to be attending UGA next fall and we couldn't be more proud of her.  We were very excited to help her celebrate her high school graduation and her party was tons of fun.  They had an ice cream truck which my kids took full advantage of and they had a waffle and hash brown bar compliments of Waffle House.  That is our kind of party!  We also had lots of fun in the photo booth with all of the props.  

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