Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sibley Pond Field Trip

 Every year the first grade classes take a walking field trip to Sibley Pond, located in the Sope Creek part of the Chattahoochee National Recreational Area.  The have a police escort as they make their way and this year I got to help chaperone Harper's class.

It was a very chilly morning and we were having unusually cold temps.  Everyone was bundled up and excited when we arrived!

A park ranger gave the kids all sorts of information about the park, the pond life, the forest, etc.

Then the kids were splint into groups and got to sort through leaves that were scooped up from the edge of the pond. They were supposed to be looking for small critters, bugs, etc.  

Harper loved looking through the magnifying glass to help her find something.  

And it worked because she found a tadpole!

Then her friend found one, too!  

It was a fun morning with my girl and I'm so happy I got to go with them! 

In other news, Hudson got to take a book in to read to his class and his sweet teacher videoed it and took a picture to send me.  He did so good! 

Handley received some exciting news this week.  She had applied to be a candidate for one of the student council officer positions.  They had to fill out an application, answer a few essay questions, get a teacher recommendation and then a panel of teachers selected 5 kids for each position.  There were 90 kids total that applied and she got picked as one of the 5 for the historian position (which is the one she wanted).  She was SO excited and has been working hard to get her posters and fliers ready that are due on Monday, along with working on her speech that she has to give on the morning announcements next week.

She even recruited a volunteer for her campaign.  :-) I'll share more details about her poster and cute little handouts next week!

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