Monday, May 2, 2016

RT Family Picnic - Zoo Atlanta

This weekend was one of our favorite events of the year...the RT family picnic day.  Each year they have the event at different locations around Atlanta and this year it was at the zoo.  I hadn't been to the zoo with the kids in probably over 3 years (maybe more) so it was a fun outing.

Upon arrival Robby had to do some greeting, so the kids and I made our way around the zoo to check out the animals.

Up first were flamingos and then we got to see some popular favorites like the rhinos, zebras and giraffes.  The kids got to touch a rhino horn.

Something new since we had last been to the zoo is that you can feed a giraffe!  What?  I know!!!  How cool is that?  I was so excited for the kids to get to have this really cool experience so I paid the $3 per person and we waited our turn.  Each person gets two pieces of lettuce to hold out of the giraffe.  He knew just what to do and used his big ol' tongue to grab the lettuce.  The kids all loved it an I think it was definitely worth the small fee.

Next we continued to see some of the other animals like the gorillas, monkeys, lions and pandas.

Then it was time to meet up with Robby and have lunch.  They had fun music playing and food that everyone gobbled up.  Walking around the zoo we all built up a big appetite.  After catching up with some friends at lunch we worked our way to the kid's zone where the kids got to try rock climbing, a giant climbing structure to the tallest slide I've ever seen and the carousel.

We ran into Trey, Stefanie and the kids at the carousel and all got to ride the train together.  The train ride had also been jazzed up a bit since our last visit to the zoo and Hudson was SO excited.

We wrapped up the day with a quick play on the playground for Hudson and the girls visited the petting zoo before we made our way home.  We were all exhausted after a busy day of walking around the zoo and came home and crashed.  It was a great day though and it was a lot of fun taking our wild animals to see the other wild animals.  ;-)

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