Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hudson is READING!!

For a little guy that had absolutely no interest in anything having to do with letters at the beginning of the school year, Hudson has come such a long way. His teachers have been SO wonderful and we could not be more pleased with their engaging ways.  I've watched all year as he has become excited about learning and happy to write letters and notice them in places when we are out and about.  He also started to note sounds and make the connections between letter and sounds recently.  There are a few kids in his class that are reading and his teachers let them read to the class.  He was SO motivated by that so he came home and told me he wanted to read a book, too.  I jumped at the chance to pull out the phonics readers and Bob books that I had stashed away for him and we got started.  And you know what...he did it!!! He read his first books. He was so proud of himself and so were we!  

The next morning he came running downstairs with his books in his hands and couldn't wait to read them to me again and again.  Over the weekend he read them to just about anyone that would listen.  He's on a roll now and I hope we can keep it up.  I went to college to learn how to teach kids to read, but hearing your 3rd and final child make those connections for the first time is such a wonderful feeling!


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