Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pink Hair!!!

I cannot let a crazy story like how Harper ended up with pink hair go by without sharing about it here on the blog.  I mean, it's not everyday she comes home from school looking like this:

It was a color run activity at school gone very, very bad. I was not happy, to say the least, and it was quite an ordeal to deal with last week.  I got tons of tips and suggestions for washing out the color that I will share on Magnolia Mamas later this week so be sure to read there if you want to hear more about how I actually got the color out.

We were both in tears when we realized it wasn't washing out. In fact, after the first wash and seeing how dark pink it still was, she was telling me she wanted her blonde hair back and that she loved her hair (something she doesn't alway say because she wants what she can't have - dark, straight hair).  After about 10-15 washes with a ton of crazy things it looked like this: 

It was still really pink and I was still really upset.  I just love her hair and I couldn't believe I'd have to deal with it being pink until it could fade. After it dried that afternoon I could see it was still so pink and I just wanted to cry every time I looked at her hair.

Later that night I washed it another 10-15 times and put her to bed with it wet. I couldn't really tell how much of the pink had come out since it was wet.  When I woke her up in the morning it was so dry and brittle and I was worried I had damaged it permanently.  Thankfully, I had some urgent repair shampoo from when her hair was damaged by the chlorine last summer so I used that and also lathered her up with leave-in conditioner and sent her to school. I had no idea what it would look like, but when she got home and I saw it dry I was SO very happy. It was almost all gone and the pink that was there was not nearly as noticeable. I'm pretty sure I cried happy tears.

It's still continuing to fade and I think we can look back now and laugh about this, but I know one thing is for certain.  She now has a greater appreciation for her hair and realizes just now special her blonde curls are!  

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Renee said...

Oh my goodness!!! Poor thing! I am glad you got it out and can't wait to find out how you did it!