Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Boosterthon Fun Run

Each year our school participates in a Boosterthon Fun Run to raise money for our PTA and this year was another successful run!  The kids get pledges for the laps they run and as they make each lap it gets marked off on their t-shirts.

There is a DJ that plays fun music, themed laps for them to run and lots of excitement! This was Hudson's first year running and he was so pumped!

He ran his little heart out and finished the 35 laps in no time flat and continued on to get way more than 35.

After their run his class enjoyed popsicles to cool off and celebrate their hard work!

Next up was Harper's turn!  She ran side-by-side with her friends the whole time and got more laps than anyone else...48 total!

 Fifth grade ran last and their's was a color run!  It was such a mess, but so much fun for the kids!  Some of them were covered!

And, at the end they even got to throw the colored powder all over the principal!

I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer all day and help pass out water to the kiddos so it was a hot, but fun day for all of us!

Total Eclipse!!!

We survived the total eclipse! It was the talk of the town leading up to the big event and we couldn't believe all of the excitement surrounding it.  Our schools were dismissing late so that the kids wouldn't be on buses and without direct adult supervision during the peak times and it worked out great because they got to enjoy it with their classes, teachers and friends! 

I hadn't planned very well and didn't have my own glasses (the school was providing them for the kids), but ended up getting some last minute and was so happy I did.  I went to the school to watch it with the girls' classes. It was totally different than what I was expecting, but totally cool!  

 Only 3rd - 5th grades were allowed outside during the eclipse, but all of the grades made a big deal about it. We sent in treats for the classes and the kids were encouraged to wear yellow for team sun or black for team moon.  When Hudson got out of school he could still see part of the eclipse happening and he loved it also!

I loved all the hype and excitement and hope it's something the kids will remember forever!

Montana Ranch Trip

 A few weeks ago Robby and I got to go on an adult only trip to Montana where we stayed on a ranch and had the very best time ever!  My mom came in town to keep the kids and before we left we spent a morning hiking at our favorite trails.

 When we arrived in Montana we were greeted by ranch workers on horseback and given all sorts of great gear like these hats!

During our time there we go to try some really amazing activities and our first one was clay shooting. I'd never even shot a gun before, but I must have had beginners luck, because I ended up doing really well!  

Robby did great and even won the award for our group for hitting the most!

We also got to ride ATV's, do some archery, some mountain biking, hiking and more, but my very favorite activity from the week was when we got to go on a cattle drive!  It was seriously such a cool experience.  

After a short lesson on how to properly ride a horse we headed out to the pasture and moved a heard of cattle from one part of the ranch to another.  I couldn't believe we were out there!  It was so much fun and I could have done it every day if we got the chance.  I felt like a real cowgirl!

 It was so nice to get away and spend some time together and really enjoy the slower pace and simpler life on a ranch!  The whole time we kept saying how much we thought the kids would enjoy it so I'm hoping to plan a dude ranch trip for our family in the next few years!