Friday, August 8, 2014


Today was not only Friday, but it was also the first Spirit Day at school so the girls were really excited.  Being the night owl mama that I am, I was excited that it meant we could all sleep in tomorrow.  Mornings are not my thing, but we have done great this week getting up, ready, and to the bus stop early each morning.  On the other hand, the girls both told me this morning that they wished they could go to school on the weekends, too.  I'm taking that as a really good sign as to how their first week was.

A little recap of this week...we have eased into homework and jumped feet first into cheerleading practices and we are all slowly getting into our school year groove.

Today Handley's teacher invited the parents in to watch the presentations the kids were giving.  They each had to bring in a few items that would show their classmates about themselves and explain the meaning of those items.  She was happy to see Hudson and I there and did a great job sharing.

From there we went to the pre-school to meet Hudson's teachers.  Thankfully, we already knew them because he will be having the SAME teachers he did last year.  They not only teach the young two-day twos, but they also teach the young three-day threes.  After the rough transition he had last year, I'm thrilled to know he will already feel comfortable with them and hoping his going back to school won't be a big deal at all.  And, look how great he was writing the letter "H" on his bag this morning!

I prayed that the girls would meet sweet friends this year in their classes and so far we are off to a great start.  Both of them have already become fast friends with sweet, sweet girls and I couldn't be more thankful.  Harper's teacher sent me this picture of her with her new friend this afternoon.  I loved it and I just keep having more and more wonderful signs about how awesome this school year will be for all three kids!

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