Monday, August 18, 2014

Surprise Lunch Date

Last year I just loved joining Handley for lunch at school. She got so excited to have me there with her friends and it was a special time one-on-one time for just us to be together.  She also loved when I brought Hudson and Harper on their days off of school.  I got to know the other kids her class and really feel connected to them also.  I usually tried to go have lunch with her once a week and I'm planning to do the same this year for both she and Harper. Unfortunately, their lunch times don't back up to each other so I will most likely end up going to the school cafeteria twice a week.  

Today was Harper's day!  The Kindergarten teachers asked that parents wait two weeks before having lunch with their kids so that the students could get used to the procedures and routines in the lunchroom.  That meant today was the first day parents were allowed to eat with their students.  I didn't tell Harper I was planning to go, so it was a big surprise to her when she saw me waiting by the cafeteria doors.  She was so surprised, excited and happy that I was there.  

I sat between she and her sweet friend and got a chance to talk to a lot of the kids around us, too. They all seemed to love having a visitor at the table and they all tried to talk to me pretty much non-stop.  Those kids LOVED to talk. :-)  

I was a little uncertain how Harper would be when I had to leave, but she gave me a big hug (and so did her sweet friend) and waved a happy goodbye!  It was such a fun little outing and I look forward to our lunch dates each week.  

Of course, Handley was a little jealous that I didn't come to lunch with her today, but her lunchtime happens to be right when I need to pick up Hudson from pre-school.  I promised her I would surprise her one day later this week, too!  

It took a few weeks, but I think we are finally getting settled into our school-schedule groove.  We come home from the bus stop, the girls eat like they haven't had anything for hours, we get started on homework and then get ready for whatever activities we might have going on.  This afternoon they practiced their cheers together and then we all ate a quick dinner before heading out to cheer practice.  They looked so cute out there practicing and had the best time. I must say I was a little happy when practice was stopped 15 minutes early because of the rain because it meant we got home and I got everyone to bed early!  

They both have made friends with several of the girls and knew some from last year, too, so I think it will be a fun season for both of them!  

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