Saturday, August 16, 2014

A trip to the ER

What started out as a great weekend quickly went south when Robby calmly came in the house and said I needed to take him to the hospital this afternoon.  He had been outside doing yard work when the chainsaw he was using cut his leg pretty badly.  I rushed the kids to the car and we all rushed to the ER.  I was panicked and worried, but felt a little better after the person who checked us in took a look and bandaged it and said it wasn't as bad as it looked.  Still, after waiting over an hour and with Robby in a lot of pain, we were anxious to see a doctor.  After more careful examination the Dr. told us Robby got very lucky.  Although the cut was deep, he didn't cut into the muscle so 12 staples and a few prescriptions later, we were sent on our way home.  I was so thankful for the iPads that kept the kids entertained through the whole ordeal and SO grateful that Robby's injury wasn't worse. It could have been SO much worse.  In two weeks he will be good as he'll have a new scar with a great story to go along with it.

 (Here, the kids are watching Mary Poppins on the iPad while we wait on the doctor. I will spare y'all the picture of the actual one needs to see that!)

In other news...yesterday Handley had her first spelling test in second grade and the words were tricky (compared to her first grade word lists) and there were a lot of them.  Bless her heart, she got my bad spelling genes and after studying Thursday night she was feeling frustrated and doubtful.  We got up extra early before school to study and that did the trick because she got them all correct and was so proud of her accomplishment. I was definitely proud of her!!!

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Renee said...

Oh my goodness!! Glad Robbie is ok!!