Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meet and Greet

As much as I was not looking forward to the start of this school year, today totally changed my outlook.    We got to Meet and Greet at the elementary school and I could not be more in LOVE with the girls' teachers.  They are both first year teachers (although they have both either done student teaching, graduate research, and some part time at the school) and they are both sweet as can be, young, excited about this year, and enthusiastic about teaching!

We met Handley's teacher first, Ms. Shingleton.  Handley had told me she was a little nervous about 2nd grade and wanted a certain teacher some people had told her about.  After meeting her teacher though she said she LOVED her and was SO excited that she was in her class.  The classroom is bright and cute as can be and Handley described it as a "sunshine room" because everything is yellow!  It is absolutely precious and I loved getting to chat with Ms. Shingleton for a little bit. I just know it will be a great fit for Handley and she was all smiles the rest of the day every time she told someone about her new teacher.

Next, we made our way to Harper's class. Since we got to meet her teachers last week, this time we were excited to see her classroom. It was also bright and fun and very spacious.  Harper was excited to find her seat, see where her backpack would be hanging each day, and meet their class mascot, a gator. Her teacher, Ms. Gergel is also incredibly sweet and soft spoken, which I believe will be a perfect fit for Harper's sensitive personality.  We walked from the bus drop-off back to Harper's class so she could get some practice with getting there the first day and even talked about Handley being able to walk her to her class the first day. Harper piped up and told us that she knew how to get there on her own and wouldn't need anyone helping her.  That little bit of confidence was the first she had showed about going to Kindergarten recently, so I was very proud to see her feeling like she was ready.

After we left Meet and Greet I dropped the girls off with Gigi and then she kept them the rest of the day while I headed back to the school to man one of the PTA tables.  It made for a long afternoon/evening, but being back at the school has me ready and looking forward to a wonderful year!


Renee said...

So glad meet and greet went well. Reese has her's today and has also said she is nervous about 2nd grade. I hope today will ease her nerves too. I hope you guys have a wonderful year!

Ann L said...

So glad you are thrilled with your teachers. Your girls are going to have the best year!!