Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kindergarten Assessment

Today was Harper's Kindergarten Assessment.  From what I had heard, it was a pretty basic assessment they give all rising Kindergartners, but she was so excited and ready for today.  She told me they asked her really easy things and she knew it all. :-)  Being there at the school for the second time this week made it a reality that summer is almost over.  That and filling out my new planner with all of the open house, meet and greet, PTA, and other school stuff that is coming up soon.  I'm hoping to savor these next two weeks!

This afternoon the girls packed up a bag to head off to a sleepover with Sophia and Alexandra.  They have been talking about it for a week and were so excited for tonight.

I got all kinds of pictures from their mom this evening showing all of the fun they were having...singing Frozen songs, swimming in their pool and having a movie night.

Hudson was a little unsure about leaving them there when he and I came back home, but he had fun having one on one time with me and just went to bed for the first time EVER without his paci! While he asked about it for a while, he went to sleep OK and it was much better than I had expected.

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