Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 3 and 4

The next few days we spent lots of time doing mostly the same things.  We spent mornings and early afternoons on the beach. The kids boogie boarded, jumped waves, dug holes, and did lots of playing.

These boys are so funny together.  They love each other dearly, but sometimes argue like siblings.  I like to think they have a love/hate relationship.  Parker is usually great about sharing, but Hudson is used to being the youngest and getting his way most of the time with the girls, so he has a little work to do on the whole sharing thing.  They were busy at work digging holes each day though.

After lunchtime we would make our way back to the hotel pool and swim there for a few hours before heading up and "resting" a little before dinner.  

All of that playing wore everyone out so we made it our mission to sleep in each day!

On Wednesday the dads played golf so the moms and kids just made a day of it at the pool.  Before the guys left that morning they got us the coveted front row pool chairs and it was such a fun day.  We took a break from swimming to eat lunch at the outdoor pool restaurant.

 That night we went back to Baytown for dinner and the kids were begging to do all of the fun stuff there again.  However, we had other plans so we ushered them back on the shuttle and off to play putt-putt.

It was late, and everyone was tired, and the dads thought we were crazy to take this crew at almost 9:00 to play putt-putt, but we had promised and everyone had such a good time.

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