Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Today Hudson turned 3!!! I can hardly believe my baby isn't a baby anymore. It makes me so sad to think the baby phase is behind us, but also excited about the little guy he is becoming.  He still has his paci and I have said all along that at age three we would take it away.  I didn't have the heart to take it away on his actual birthday so tomorrow is the day.  Then all traces of baby will be gone.  Well, except for the fact that despite being potty trained, he still chooses to poop in his pants.  Ha! I guess we're still working on getting rid of that part of baby.

He slept in this morning and woke up with a giant smile on his face.  When I met him at the top of the stairs he raised both arms and yelled, "I slept good!!!"  He then asked me if is birthday was coming up and when I reminded him it was today he literally leaped into my arms he was so excited.

He opened several gifts first thing and was so excited about everything he opened.  He is having a pirate party on Saturday and his friend Emerson sent him all sorts of pirate goodies and totally made his day!  He also didn't want to take off his helmet we gave him.  (He actually ended up wearing it for quite some time in the house).

This evening we met Jen, Parker and Mackenize at Stevie B's so the kids could play games, get tickets ands choose cheap prizes while Jen and I caught up and stuffed ourselves with the sweet rolls.

Harper hit the jackpot and won 500 tickets!!!!  They just kept coming and coming.  The kids all had tons of fun and when we got in the car I couldn't believe it was after 8:00! He said he had a great day and I can't wait to celebrate with all of his friends on Saturday.

At three Hudson:

  • loves matchbox cars, usually sleeps with at least two, and almost always has one in his hand during the day. 
  • is still a very picky eater. 
  • enjoys being silly with his sisters.
  • plays very well independently.
  • thinks it is fun to help with jobs like cleaning and doing laundry. 
  • loves sweet tea and chocolate milk and would drink those all day long if I let him. 
  • has become quite the little gentleman and loves holding doors for others. 
  • has also become quite the "guy" and thinks it is hilarious when he burps or "toots." 
  • likes reading the same books each night (Little Blue Truck and Brown Bear). 
  • is a movie enthusiast.  He loves lounging on the couch and watching his favorites. 
  • is excited about life and always jumps up and down whenever he learns any bit of good news. 
  • loves his sisters and wants to be with them all of the time. 

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Carrie said...

Happy Birthday to Hudson! The foyer looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in person!