Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hudson's Pirate Party


On Saturday we celebrated Hudson's 3rd birthday with his pirate themed birthday party!  It was such a fun party to plan for and I really think all of the kids had a great time.

Hudson had been talking about his pirate party for weeks and couldn't wait to dress up and have fun with all of his friends.  Handley greeted all of our guest with a cheerful, "Ahoy Matey's!" as they arrived.  We all snacked on pirate snacks like "Polly's crackers and cheese", "peg-leg pretzels", "cannon balls" (blueberries) and "salty sea water" to drink.  

After snacks the kids followed a treasure map to find 3 hidden treasures.  They used the clues on the map and worked together to go through the house and find the three stops.  Stop one was pirate eye-patches for everyone, stop two was pirate hats, and stop three was pirate swords.  The kids loved running from treasure to treasure and dressing like a pirate along the way.

Next we went outside for more pirate games like walking the plank, digging for buried gold coins and compasses, and a pirate ring toss.

Finally it was time sing to the birthday boy and I think it was safe to say all the little pirates enjoyed their cupcakes and cookies.  I enlisted the help of my friend, Christy, to make these adorable pirate cookies.  She always does the cookies for the kids' parties and these turned out just precious!

Although Hudson ended his party having a meltdown because he was so tired and worn-out from having given up his paci just two days earlier, he did seem to love his party and we all had fun celebrating his birthday!  A big thanks to everyone who came and made his day special!!!

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