Thursday, May 14, 2015

Splish Splash!

This week has been full of swimming!  Hudson started swim lessons this week and is doing so well!!! I am really surprise and impressed with just how well he is doing.  I probably shouldn't be though because he has been talking about swim lessons for weeks now and has been asking about swimming without his float for quite some time. He is doing semi-private lessons (he and another child) with a woman that teaches out of her pool at her home.  It's really close by to us, so really convenient, except for the fact that the only time she had available was right when the girls get off the bus!  Thankfully, my amazing neighbors have been so helpful in getting the girls off the bus for a few minutes until I can make it back home.

Yesterday, on day 3 of his 10 day lessons, he started swimming independently. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked over and saw my little guy swimming like a fish!  He is so motivated and his teacher even said that with 3rd kids, they want to do it so bad to be like their older siblings, that it usually clicks much sooner.  I'm just so proud of him and can't wait for a fun summer of swimming and playing at the pool.

Hudson isn't the only one swimming this week.  The girls started swim team practice yesterday!  They were only able to attend two days this week because of other activities they have after school, but so far, so good!  I was little nervous about swim team since I never did it growing up and the daily commitment in the summer is a lot for each morning, but it only goes through June and they are really doing well so far.  It also helps that they are on a team with a lot of friends, so I'm sure it will be a ton of fun for them (and me, too!).

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