Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabby!

Today we helped Handley's friend, Gabby, celebrate her 2nd birthday. Gabby lives in our neighborhood and is part of one of our "girl-club" playgroup. There are 4 girls that are all within a few months of each other and they've all become such good friends.

Gabby's mom planned a "Dora" party for her. There were lots of fun activities for the kids to enjoy and lots of yummy food too. As soon as we walked in to their house Handley spotted the giant ball pit and went diving in.

There was also a bouncy house outside that she had fun in with her friends.
Addyson, Annabelle, and Handley jumping in the bounce house together

A funny note about the bouncy house. No shoes are allowed and she was constantly in and out of it. She could not stand to have her bare feet on the grass though. The first time I pulled her out and set her on the ground without her shoes on she kept lifting them up and literally started climbing up me so that her feet didn't have touch the grass. It was hilarious. It's odd to me because she doesn't mind sand and stuff like that on her feet and had no trouble last year walking barefoot in the grass. I guess it's just been a long winter and she's gotten really used to her socks!
She and Addyson had a lot of fun playing in the beer bucket. :-)

On the wagon ride home she was checking out all the fun treats in the goody bag from the party. She loved the sunglasses, even though she had them on upside down!

I can't believe I don't have one picture of Handley and Gabby together, but Gabby was the star of the day and was so busy visiting her guests I didn't get a shot of the two of them together. I know that some other people got some pictures so hopefully I'll have some emailed to me soon.

Happy Birthday Gabby!!!

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