Monday, March 2, 2009

Play-Dough Play

I'm so sick of the really cold and/or rainy days. I hate feeling cooped up inside all day and I know that Handley feels the same way. Last week I was trying to think of some new fun things to do with Handley inside and decided to give play-dough a try again. I'd tried it before with her, but she didn't really seem to enjoy it. This time was different though. I pulled out the cookie cutters, plastic knives, and play-dough for a fun afternoon activity. She LOVED it and had so much fun. She liked using the cookie cutters to make different shapes and really loved "cutting" the play-dough. We had so much fun on Friday that we decided to give play-dough a try again today. Here are a few pics:

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Katie Jones said...

Looks like so much fun! I love Handley's hair bow, too. Katie Anne has a little Play-Doh, but no cookie cutters or toys to use... she had such a good time doing the same thing at a birthday party last weekend, so I've got to get us some.