Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer kick-off

The past few days have felt like the kick-off to summer. We started with Avery's pool party on Saturday and since Handley had so much fun swimming, we decided to go back to the pool on Sunday afternoon. Our friends Jen & Justen and Donna & John were also able to join us. Donna and John's son, Noah, is the little boy I kept for a while before Harper was born. Handley was thrilled to learn that "Baby Noah" was going to come swimming with her.

Noah and Handley in the little blow-up pool

Yesterday my friend Sheila hosted a popsicle party in her backyard. Everyone was supposed to make healthy popsicles to share. During the party she also had the baby pool set up with a slide going into it. Handley LOVED it! She only ate about 1 or 2 bites of popsicle before she told me she was "all done" and wanted to go swimming again.
Sliding down


Tasting her popsicle

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