Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?  Just wanted to wish Robby a very Happy Father's Day.  We spent Father's Day weekend at the lake and had a great time.  We got a new tube for the boat as his Father's Day gift.  

Robby and Handley on the new tube
Sydney even got a chance to try it out

Handley is such a Daddy's girl.  She gets so excited when he comes home from work each day and loves being silly with him.  She loves "riding his foot" around the house, playing hide and seek before bath, and going on bike rides with him.  Harper loves how he tickles her and makes her smile her big grin. 

I love how Robby is so silly and fun with them both.  He plays with them in ways I never would think of and always makes them laugh/smile.   He works very long hours and is often traveling for work, but I know it is because he is so dedicated to the girls and to our family. 

Happy Father's Day!!!  We love you!  

Handley was born on Father's Day!
Handley 4 months
Handley 7 months
Handley 10 months
Handley 15 months
Handley 17 months

Harper's birthday!

Harper's ready to come home
Harper 2  months

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