Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Happy Girls

Most weekends at the lake Handley is the only kid (besides Harper) and is surrounded by adults. However, this weekend was different. Our friends, the Atkinsons, came with us and I just knew that Handley and Avery would have a blast together. They loved riding on the boat, playing in the water, and hanging out at a beach together. Robby and I also really enjoyed spending time with Tiara and Trevor. We were sad that they had to leave early on Sunday (Avery wasn't feeling well), but we can't wait to have them back up.

I have a lot of pictures and couldn't narrow it down so here's a bunch of them in a random order:

Robby and Handley riding on the tube

Trevor, Tiara, and the girls
Handley "driving" the boat
Harper wanted a turn too!
Gigi and Papa were up there for the weekend too. Handley helping Papa clean his boat.

Trevor and the girls

It was such a fun weekend and everyone was exhausted by the end of it.
Handley naps well on the boat...the noise from the engine and the vibration is very relaxing. Here she passed out while eating a snack.

I was able to lay her down and she slept for about an hour.

Sydney had fun swimming and obviously find the boat very relaxing too.


Tally said...

Carrie Beth,
Tiara told me that you all had so much fun at the lake!! The pictures are ADORABLE!! You guys have the CUTEST girls!!!

Jennifer said...

So cute! You guys look like you had so much fun!