Friday, June 26, 2009

Wonder what we've been up to?

It's involved a lot of these...

And this chart...
And a lot of sitting/waiting...
If you guessed potty training you are right!  I dedicated this week to staying at home and doing a boot camp potty-training week.  I'm so proud of how well Handley has done and how quickly she caught on.  

I feel like the timing was perfect.  She just turned two and we've been talking about how she is a big girl now.  Also, several of her friends who are 2-years-old also just recently started using the potty.  I talked it up a lot last weekend (that she was a big girl now, she was 2, no more diaper, she got to use the potty now, wear big girl panties, etc.).  When she woke up Monday morning we said good-bye to diapers (except at night).  She was thrilled with the idea of getting an M&M each time she used the potty and getting a sticker on her chart.  She actually preferred a sticker on her arm so we did double stickers.  

I really think just doing away with diapers all together was the key to getting her to start using the potty.  She loves her big girl undies!  It's really cute because now every time I help her put them on she'll say "do not pee-pee in these."  I guess I said that to her a million times this week so it must have stuck.  :-)  

I never would have imagined how exhausting it would be on my part.  I feel like we spent hours in the bathroom this week and trying to dash there each time she needed to go, and also keep up with Harper was tough.  It was well worth it though.  We are used to being on the go and staying at home all week made for a long week.  However, we were lucky that she had a lots of new birthday toys to keep her busy. 

Here she is playing with her new easel! 

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