Friday, June 26, 2009

Handley's teeth

Yesterday Handley's mouth went from looking like this (such a pretty smile - with perfect, straight teeth) 
To looking like this. 
She fell coming in the house and chipped 3 of her front teeth.  Also, the middle two are knocked crooked and I think one might be loose!  (the picture doesn't really show how crooked they are) Poor thing.  As soon as I picked her up I saw her mouth and knew it couldn't be good.  I got to talk to Stefanie's dad (who is a dentist) and after answering a lot of questions he helped reassure me that it wasn't an emergency type situation.  I spent the rest of the afternoon calling around and trying to get her in with a pediatric dentist.  We have an appointment first thing Monday morning to have her checked out. I'm anxious to make sure there is no permanent damage and to see how they can help fix her smile.

She's having a hard time eating certain things because she can't bite into anything without it hurting her teeth.  I'm cutting up her food into small bites and trying to get her to eat soft/mushy things.  Also, her upper lip and gum was REALLY swollen this morning when she woke up.  She's a trooper though and is doing fine.  She loves getting to have some medicine to help with the pain and is already talking about her trip to the dentist.  

Her big lip
And while I was trying to take a good picture of her teeth/mouth, she grabbed her camera and tried to do the same. :-)


Renee said... scary for you!! I would have freaked out!! I hope you get good news at the dentist!!!

Jennifer said...

Yikes! Seeing the pictures now is crazy! Poor thing...her little lip looks pitiful. :( Hopefully she won't be in too much pain over the weekend.

The Dillards said...

While I know that is scary, I think it is good that she got that type of fall out of her system with her baby teeth and not her permanent teeth. Good luck!

Allison D said...

Ouchhhhh!!! Poor thing.

Curt, Tracie and Ava said...

Poor little Handley! My cousin did the same thing when she was 3 and she didn't have any damage and just had to wait until the adult teeth came in. But they came in earlier than normal because the baby teeth were already gone. Good luck on Monday!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry she is hurting:( Poor thing!

Kathy Mills said...

Oh poor Handley and poor mommy! I can imagine how scared you were! Marlee said she thinks Handley should get to eat lots of ice cream:-)