Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gymnastics Show Rehearsal

This evening Handley had her gymnastics show dress rehearsal. She was so excited to get to wear her new show leotard and head off to the practice.  I thought waiting during her class was pretty chaotic with 6-8 classes going on at one time and parents in and out, but tonight was an absolute mad-house.  Not only were they doing the dress rehearsal, but they were also having photos taken.  In one word, it was CRAZY.

However, I would put up with all that craziness to see how well my sweet girl did tonight.  We had to watch from afar, but as soon as it was time for her class to begin Hudson and Harper both decided they wanted to be held up so they could see over the ledge - so that is exactly what I did.  With one of them on each of my hips we all were beaming with pride as she did the routine.  She has worked so hard this year and I could not be more proud of her.  She really has been trying to get her cartwheel down pat and tonight during her rehearsal she nailed it!

 Harper has been quite upset/confused as to why she didn't get a brand new sparkly leotard and get to learn a routine to perform at the show.  Her age group does not perform in the show, but I so wish they did.  Today at the rehearsal she stood on the edge of the gym floor, her chin resting on the ledge and watched non-stop as all of the classes had their pictures made and took turns doing their routines.  I just love having two girls so close in age, but a lot of times it is really hard too.  Because Harper and Handley are so close and play together so well I know Harper feels like she can do everything Handley does.  A lot of times she can, but sometimes she doesn't understand when she isn't able to attend a special birthday party or participate in an event because she isn't quite old enough yet.  I know this is just the beginning of having to try to explain to her "life isn't fair" and "your time will come" but that still doesn't make it any easier on her.

Hudson and his buddy, Emerson, stayed pretty entertained amongst the madness this evening when they found a little spot on the floor and shared a snack and a movie.  Thank goodness for the iPad!

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Julie, the mama said...

Just another reason we need to live near y'all. Hendley KEEPS asking when her "recital" will be for gymnastics, but they don't do that at our place. It's just 5 weeks, get a ribbon, start a new 5 weeks. I LOVE that Handley got to show off her skills and wear a fancy new outfit!

And I hear you on the kids being close in age. Mine want to/think they should do everything together, and as much as I am understand they can't, it makes me sad to have to explain that. I mean, I know life isn't going to be fair, but can't they learn that in a few years! :-)