Saturday, May 11, 2013

Handley's Gym Show

I love seeing my kids do things they love and also the things they have worked so hard for.  All year long Handley has been talking about being in the gymnastics show and how she was going to practice to do her best.  Today was the day of the show and she did such a great job!  I thought I might just burst from the amount of pride I had for her up there performing.  We were all proud and even Hudson who was sitting on my lap kept pointing and saying her name over and over when her group was out on the floor.

All the classes paraded around at the beginning of the show!
 Below you can see Handley doing her cartwheel and then doing her "cast" on the bar.

Yesterday while Handley was at school I let Harper pick out some flowers to give Handley after the show.  She was really happy and surprised when Harper gave them to her!

Handley's friend, Annabelle, was also in the show!  Both of the girls did such a great job!

Handley was thrilled that Gigi was able to attend.  On our way home we stopped by RT for frozen yogurt and slushies to celebrate and Handley did not want to let those flowers out of her sight.  As soon as we got home she picked out a vase to put them in and then wanted to find a spot in her room for them.

To watch the video of Handley's routine, click HERE! 

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Stefanie said...

Go Handley!! She looked great! What a big girl!