Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kindergarten Ice-Cream Social

The Kindergarten classes had an ice-cream social this afternoon to celebrate the end of the school year. We enjoyed ice-cream, watched a memory video of photos from this year and then Mrs. O'Kelley gave out awards to each student.  Anything from "great sentence writing" to "artist award."  Handley was given the "Great at Answering Questions" award.  Her teacher said anytime a question was asked in class Handley always shot her hand up high and wanted to answer every single one.  Later I told her I was proud of her for participating in class so well she said, "Well it's just because I know the answers to all the questions."

This year has been incredible for Handley.  Her teachers were amazing and she has learned SO much. I feel confident that she is ready for 1st grade and I love that she got to stay in a small school setting for just one more year.  She and her classmates are all so close and I know she doesn't really know or understand that she won't be seeing many of them again on a regular basis since they will all be going to different schools next year.  The other moms and I have also become incredibly close and we were all getting a little teary eyed today thinking about our kids no longer being at this school. Thankfully, we have more day of school tomorrow and then the family fun day planned for Friday.

While we were waiting to pick up Handley this afternoon, Harper had her last Wednesday play date at the train park with some of her classmates.  It's been just as fun for us moms to chat as it has been for the kids to run around and play after school.  I know I'm going to miss these days so I am not taking one second for granted.

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