Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day and this week so far

On Mother's Day this year I was woken up by the kids running in and giving me a precious hand-made card and a hand-made bracelet.  I've worn it every day since!  They were so very proud of themselves for what they had secretively done. 

All three kids helped Robby wash my car and then we made our way to Gigi and Papa's house.  They since Papa is still recovering and in no shape to do yard work, Robby had plans to do it for him.  We made a quick pit-stop at a sporting good store on the way to get me new running shoes (my other gift from everyone).  

The weather was so nice on Sunday and we all enjoyed being outside the majority of the day.  Hudson was soaked head-to-toe from playing with the water table and the biggest fun the kids had was taking turns having rides in Papa's wheel chair.  

I wish I could have seen my mom on Mother's Day, but we can't wait for them to visit here next month! 

And, here are some other random things/pictures to share: 

Hudson is all about his sisters, but when he just wakes up from his nap he usually loves to cuddle for a little while.  He was in a sleepy mood, but as soon as I pulled out my phone he perked up and wanted to say "cheese." I just love this baby boy of mine and although he is quickly becoming much bigger than a baby, I still love the little moments when he acts like one.  

Yesterday, Harper came home from school with all sorts of shapes she had colored and cut out.  When I got them out of her folder she said, "DO NOT throw those away!  I made them so I could teach Hudson his shapes." This morning she took her job very seriously and Hudson surprised me by paying such close attention to her. 

The beloved "Food Truck Tuesdays" started back so we met some friends at the park this evening for this awesome event.  Basically the food trucks  are these huge catering trucks that are set up to take orders/cook/serve food as if it was a restaurant on wheels.  Each truck has a different theme/type of food and everything is SO good.  The most fun thing about it though is literally EVERYONE in our town shows up so we run into tons of people we know.  The kids all love running around, playing on the playground, eating picnic-style and being with their friends.

Part of our group from tonight.  You can see the trucks behind us.  

Here I am with 3 popsicles from the popsicle cart.  I got them for the kids after dinner and my crazy kids said they didn't like them.  More for me!  Haha!  My friend Carrie took this picture of me. :-)  I caved and let the girls go pick a different flavor to buy.

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Ashleigh Finger said...

How fun! I so wish we had that here! And Happy Mother's Day to you!!