Saturday, May 4, 2013

Handley's Field Day

Yesterday was Handley's field day!  She was so excited and I was happy to get to volunteer.  Because of the wind, possible rain and cold temperatures they moved all of the activities inside.  They were supposed to do some water stuff too, but they are going to reschedule that for next week.

I was busy working the hula-hoop station, but I did get to see her do a few of the activities.  She and her sweet friend, Grace, got to do the three legged race together and won!

While we were busy at field day Harper and Hudson were having tons of fun of their own.  Gigi was originally going to watch them for me, but Papa was in a really bad bicycle accident involving a car over the weekend and now has broke ribs and a bruised lung as a result.  Needless to say he is in bad shape and will be recovering for a while so Gigi needed to be taking care of him. Jen was able to fill in at the last minute.  I got everyone up at the crack of dawn to drop the youngest two at Jen's house before I took Handley to school.  We made a quick pit-stop to get donuts on the way to get us all going.  She took them to an indoor play place and said they loved it and the three of them were hilarious together.

That afternoon we kept some of our neighbors for a few hours and the girls had fun, but Hudson was even more excited than they were.  Stefanie came over with Sophia to drop something off and all 5 of the big kids were all over her.  Hudson kept pointing and saying "baby" and was fascinated when he saw her getting her diaper changed.

Sophia is getting SO big and was so cute on Friday.  She was smiling a lot and is such a sweetie.

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