Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake and on the way up with the kids on Friday I stopped with the kids at Cracker Barrel (or Berry Cracker as Handley likes to call it).  I was stopped 3 times by 3 different people to tell me how well-behaved and precious my kids were.  There are few compliments I enjoy hearing more than that.  

Friday night at the lake we had dinner while we waited on the others to arrive and then took a golf cart ride to look for honeysuckles.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were spent on the boat all day and grilling out at night.  It was cold in the mornings and we were all huddled under blankets wishing for it to get warmer. Those bundles under the blankets are our three kids!

But it warmed up quickly and we spent the afternoons playing on the beach, swimming and building sand castles.

Hudson was not quite himself all weekend and I still haven't put my finger on it, but he just isn't feeling 100% and has been super whiney, clingy and unhappy.  He did have fun on the beaches though and his favorite thing by far was collecting and throwing rocks in the water.  That wore him out and he and Parker got some good naps on the boat.

The boys all wake-boarded and Handley and Harper went with Robby a few times, too.  The queen of the tube was Handley and she keeps asking over and over to do that!

It was a great preview of what our summer weekends at the lake will look like and if this weekend was any indication, we are in for a wonderful summer!  Great friends, sunshine, fun music and food always make for a good time.  One of the favorite memories from the weekend was when we took the kids outside after dinner to play before bedtime.  Somehow that turned into a gymnastics show down complete with headstand contests, cartwheels, and us all laughing until our sides hurt.  Unfortunately, no one had a camera present to document that craziness, but believe me when I said it was entertaining for us all.  :-)

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Stefanie said...

Glad you guys had a good time this weekend! Looked like fun! Can't wait to go to the beach with you all next month!