Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Starting summer off right

This week it finally got hot and allowed us to start our summer off right.  We tested the neighborhood pool yesterday and although it was a little chilly, it certainly wasn't as cold as I thought it would be.  Hudson wasn't thrilled when I put his puddle jumper float on and screamed "No!" and "Off!" for about five minutes.  I calmly kept telling him that he had to wear it or we had to go home and he eventually got over it.  Today when we got to the pool he grabbed it and tried to put it on himself so I guess he is used to it already.  He was also having a blast jumping off the side and even floating a little on his own.  Handley is an old pro in the water and Harper needs a little refreshing, but more for her confidence than her skills.

Earlier today we also had Harper's last gymnastics class.  We got to come out on the floor to see what she was doing up close and she was so proud to show off her stuff.  She's really talented at gymnastics and loves it!

Tonight we fought the heat and went to the food trucks again. It was SO hot and had us all wishing we had just gone back to the pool this evening, but we still had fun.  This week we stayed late enough to hear the live music and then we made a stop by the fire truck to visit the firefighters that were there for the night.  Hudson loved it most of all and just happened to have on his firetruck outfit!

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Julie, the mama said...

I can distinctly remember the day you blogged about your new car, and I remember thinking, I hope that thing has room for THREE kids in the back.

Shortly after that post, you announced a baby was on the way.

Now that baby is old enough to not only stand beside his sisters for pictures, but to actually look at the camera and smile.

This ride we are on is nothing if it isn't fast!

Yay for REAL summer weather.